Vileplume Stats, Location, Evolving Method, Uses and More.

About Vileplume

National Pokedex No: #045

Type: Vileplume is a Grass type poisonous Pokemon.

Height: It heights upto 1.2 m

Weight:The Pokemon weighs 18.6 kg which is equivalent to 41.0 lbs.

Abilities: Vileplume has the ability of Chlorophyll and a hidden ability of Effect Spore.

Local no: Local Number of the Pokemon is 085.

Catch Rate: Catch Rate of the Pokemon is 45. Out of this 5.9% with Pokeball.

Base friendship: Friendship rate is 70 which is quite normal.

Base Exp: 221 is the Base Exp of Vileplume.

Growth Rate: Growth Rate of Vileplume ranges from medium to slow. It grows very slowly.

Egg Group: It belongs to the Grass Group of Eggs.

Gender: Vileplume Pokemon is gender equivalent. They are 50% Females and 50% Males.

Egg Cycles: They have 20 Egg Cycles. They vary from 4884 to 5140 steps.


HP: The Pokemon has an HP of 75.

Attack: the attack score of Vileplume is 80.

Defense: It can defense well and has a defense score of 85.

Speed: The Pokemon is however is slow in its speed. It’s speed score is just 50.

Special Attack: 110 is the Score of Vileplume for special attack. It is very good at its ability of special attacking.

Special Defense: It scores 90 in self defense which is an ok score.

Total: The total stats of the Pokemon come to 490.

Vileplume Changes

  1. In Generation 1, Vileplume had a stat of 100.
  2. from 2 to 5 generations Vileplume had a special attack of 100.
  3. Base experience yield of Vileplume is 216 in generation 5 whereas from generations 1 to 4 it has a yeild of 184.

Moves Learned by Vileplume

A Pokemon in it’s life learns a lot of moves. A few of them are learned by TM whreas a few are learnt by leveling up.

Moves by Leveling up

  • At Level 1 moves learnt by Vileplume are:
    -> Absorb which is of grass type whose power is 20 and accuracy is 100.
    -> Acid attack which is a ind of Poisonous attack with 100 accuracy whose power is 40.
    -> Aromatherapy which is a grass attack.
    ->GigaDrain is a Grass type attack which has a power of 75 and accuracy of it 100.
    ->Grassy Terrain is also one of a Grass type attack.
    ->Growth is a normal attack.
    ->Mega Drain is an attack which is of grass type with an accuracy of 100 and power is 40.
    ->Moonblast is a fairy attack with 95 power and accuracy 100.
    ->Moonlight is as well a fairy attack.
    ->Petal Blizzard is a an attack of grass type. it has an accuracy of 100 with power to be 90.
    ->Petal Dance is a grass type attack which has power of 120 and 100 accuracy.
    ->Poison Powder is an attack of poison type with a 75 accuracy.
    ->Sleep Powder is a grass attack.
    ->Stun Spore is also one of a grass attack.
    ->Toxic is a poison attack.
    ->Sweet Scent is a normal attack.

Moves learned by TM

  • At 8th level a normal attack that is hyperbeam is learnt which has a power of 150 and 90 accuracy.
  • On reaching level 9 – the Giga Impact which is a normal type attack with power 150 and accuracy 90.
  • Solar beam which is a grass type attack is learned at 11 with 120 power and 100 accuracy.
  • safeguard attack is learned at 19 level which is a normal attack.
  • Rest is a psychic attack of level 21.
  • Snore is a normal attack learnt at level 24 with power 50 and accuracy 100.
  • protect is learnt at level 25.
  • Giga Drain- level 28, accuracy is 100 and power is 75
  • Charm- level 29 and accuracy is 100.
  • Attract is a level 31 attack. .
  • Sunny day is an attack of level 34
  • faced attack is a level 39 attack with power 70 and accuracy 100.
  • Bullet seed a grass type 50th level attack. It has 100 accuracy and 25 power.
  • Fling is a dark attack. Vileplume learns at level 59.
  • Drain punch is a fighting attack of 6 level with 75 power and 100 accuracy.
  • Venoshock is a poison attack. it is learned at 74 level with 100 accuracy and 65 power.
  • Round is a attack of power 60 acquired at level 76.
  • Grassy terrain is a grass attack of 88 level.

Where to find Vileplume?

  • Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered, Platinum, Diamond, Pearl all of these color of Vileplume Evolve oddish or Gloom.
  • Blue, LeafGreen, Black, white 2 all these colors of this Pokemon trade or migrate from another game.

Evolution of VilePlume

#043 is the youngest version of Vileplume which is a grass Pokemon and is poisonous. At level 21 it converts to #044 which is also a grass type Pokemon Gloom. For further evolution, VlePlume needs special stones.

If Pokemaster uses a leaf stone then Gloom converts to #045 which is Vileplume else on using Sun Stone it turns to Bellossom which is a grass type Pokemon but is not poisonous. It’s national index no. is #182


How is it useful?

VilePlume is a Pokemon that learns very fast. it knows a huge amount of moves to defeat its enemy. It is Poisonous in nature. It’s poison is its biggest strength. Apart from being poisonous it also has in hand moves to easily defeat an opponent and make its owner win.

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