My Love from the Star Season 2 Release Date CONFIRMED by the director!

My love from Star is a Korean Romantic Fantasy TV Series directed by Jang Tae-Yoo. The show aired on SBS from December 18 2013 to February 27, 2014. The show garnered a lot of critical acclaims, getting an 8.3 rating on IMDb, and the actor Jun Ji-Hyun won the Daesang at the Baeksang Art Awards, the highest award for Korean Television. And now My Love from the Star Season 2’s Release Date has been confirmed.

My Love From the Star Season 2 Storyline

The show centers around Do-Min-Joon, an alien who landed on Earth in the year 1609, he saves a girl named Yi-Hwa, as he went to save the girl, he misses the trip back to his home planet and he is forced to stay on Earth, adopting numerous identities over the duration of his stay. He has been a doctor, astronomer, lawyer, and banker.

In the current world, Cheon Song-Yi, a famous Hallyu actress, who finds herself living next to Min-Joon. Min-Joon is only three months away from going back to his home planet but finds himself falling head over heels for Song-Yi, as he resembles Yi-Hwa.

At the end of the season, Min-Joon leaves Earth, because staying for long will kill him, but he occasionally comes to Earth to visit Song-Yi.

My Love from the Star Season 2 Official Announcement

The second season of the show has been confirmed by the director of the show Jang Tae Yong, claiming that the preparations for the second season are ongoing. He also claimed that it would be difficult for Jun Ji-Hyun and Kim-Soo-Hyun to come back. So this might mean that the characters would be recast, or they could probably make the second season a prequel, as this show offers a lot of world-building, thereby creating many story-line possibilities for a new season.

My Love from the Star Cast

My Love from the Star Season 2 Release Date CONFIRMED by the director!

According to the director of the show, Jang Tae-Yoo, it is hard for the two main lead actors to be back, but it is not uncommon for directors to lie to their fans, just to create a surprise. Jun Ji-Hyon as Cheon Song-Yi, Kim Soo-Hyun as Do Min-Joon, Park Hae- Jin as Lee Hee- Kyung, Yoo In Na as Yoo Se-Mi, Shin Sung Rok as Lee Jae-Kyung, and Ahn Jae-Hyun as Cheon Yoon-Jae would probably be reprising their roles for the next season. If Season 2 winds up being a straight-up prequel, then it is likely that most of the characters would be new and the cast members would also be new, except Jun Ji Hyon and Kim Soo-Hyun.

My Love from the Star Season 2 Release Date

The announcement of Season 2 was made way back in 2016, so it is likely that the second season would come sometime soon. Our best prediction would be somewhere around early 2021.

My Love from the Star Trailer

My Love from the Star is available on Viki and Netflix for some regions. So those of you, who haven’t watched the show, can go and watch it over there.

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