Pansage Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


Pansage is a Grass-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation V.  Pansage is one of the three elemental monkeys. The other two are Fire-type Pansear and Water-type Panpour. It is also known as the Grass Monkey Pokemon and among all the three, Pansage Evolution is worth considering as its Moveset pays off in return though weakness can be a cause of worry here.

Biological Appearance

Its appearance is based on a Monkey. It’s a cute and Small Pokémon. It has big eyes with a black pupil, a really small nose, and a mouth. It is green in color with yellowish khaki. Its legs, tail, ears, and upper part of its face are green colored while hands, stomach, chest, back and lower part of its face are yellow khaki. It has a tree-like appendage atop its head. This tree has 3 almond-shaped yellowish things on its head.  Pansage dwells deep in the forest, where it collects berries to share with others. It is very kind when it comes to sharing food. It shares the leaf on its head with weary-looking Pokémons. These leaves are known to relieve stress.

About Pansage

  • National Pokedex No: 511
  • Japanese Name:ヤナップ (Yanappu)
  • Type: Grass
  • Height: 0.6 m (2′00″)
  • Weight: 10.5 kg (23.1 lbs)
  • Abilities:
    • Gluttony
    • Overgrow (hidden ability)
  • Local №:
    • 017 (Black/White)
    • 037 (Black 2/White 2)
    • 029 (X/Y — Central Kalos)
  • Catch rate:190 (24.8% with PokéBall, full HP)
  • Base Friendship:70 (normal)
  • Base Exp.:63
  • Growth Rate: Medium Fast
  • Egg Groups: Field
  • Gender:5% male, 12.5% female
  • Egg cycles:20 (4,884–5,140 steps)

Pansage Pokedex Stats

  • HP: 50
  • Attack:  53
  • Defense:  48
  • Sp. Attack:  53
  • Sp. Defense: 48
  • Speed:  64
  • TOTAL:  316

Moves Learned By Pansage

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy
1 Play Nice NORMAL Status
1 Scratch NORMAL Physical 40 100
4 Leer NORMAL Status 100
7 Lick GHOST Physical 30 100
10 Vine Whip GRASS Physical 45 100
13 Fury Swipes NORMAL Physical 18 80
16 Leech Seed GRASS Status 90
19 Bite DARK Physical 60 100
22 Seed Bomb GRASS Physical 80 100
25 Torment DARK Status 100
28 Fling DARK Physical 100
31 Acrobatics FLYING Physical 55 100
34 Grass Knot GRASS Special 100
37 Recycle NORMAL Status
40 Natural Gift NORMAL Physical 100
43 Crunch DARK Physical 80 100

Moves Learned By TMPansage Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

TM Move Type Category Power Accuracy
01 Work Up NORMAL Status
06 Toxic POISON Status 90
10 Hidden Power NORMAL Special 60 100
11 Sunny Day FIRE Status
12 Taunt DARK Status 100
17 Protect NORMAL Status
21 Frustration NORMAL Physical 100
22 Solar Beam GRASS Special 120 100
27 Return NORMAL Physical 100
32 Double Team NORMAL Status
39 Rock Tomb ROCK Physical 60 95
41 Torment DARK Status 100
42 Facade NORMAL Physical 70 100
44 Rest PSYCHIC Status
45 Attract NORMAL Status 100
46 Thief DARK Physical 60 100
47 Low Sweep FIGHTING Physical 65 100
48 Round NORMAL Special 60 100
53 Energy Ball GRASS Special 90 100
56 Fling DARK Physical 100
62 Acrobatics FLYING Physical 55 100
65 Shadow Claw GHOST Physical 70 100
66 Payback DARK Physical 50 100
86 Grass Knot GRASS Special 100
87 Swagger NORMAL Status 85
88 Sleep Talk NORMAL Status
90 Substitute NORMAL Status
96 Nature Power NORMAL Status
100 Confide NORMAL Status

How To Find Pansage?Pansage Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Dreamyard, Lostlorn Forest, Pinwheel Forest
Black 2
White 2
Lostlorn Forest, Pinwheel Forest
Santalune Forest
Omega Ruby
Alpha Sapphire
Trade/migrate from another game
Ultra Sun
Ultra Moon
Let’s Go Pikachu
Let’s Go Eevee
Trade/migrate from another game
Location data not yet available

How To Evolve?Pansage Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it evolves when it is exposed to a leaf stone. It evolves from Pansage to Simisage.

In Pokémon Go, Pansage evolves into Simisage with the help of the Unova Stone Evolution item and it also costs 50 candy.

How Much Useful Is My Pansage?

Pansage is a Grass Pokémon. It is also an elemental monkey. It’s resistant to Water, Grass, Electric, and Ground-type Pokemon. Pansage has a weakness towards Fire, Flying, Poison, Bug, and Ice-type Pokemon. The strongest moveset of Pansage is Vine Whip and Seed Bomb. Its quickest moves are Vine Whip and Scratch. Its main moves are Seed Bomb, Energy Ball, and Crunch.

In Pokémon Go, Vine Whip and Seed Bomb as a moveset have a Max CP of 956 at level 40. At level 40, it has a Max HP of 120. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles. It’s a considerable option. Out of the Monkey trio, water-based is the best one out of all due to lack of Water Pokémon.

Well, do you think that the Pansage Evolution can suffice your needs in the game after going through its weakness, Moveset, stats, and more? If yes then you should run down to the Pansage Evolution!

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