Horsea Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


With a blue body, red eyes, and a long tubular mouth, Horsea looks like a seahorse. It has three spiked fins on either side of its head and is incredibly adept in the water, using its single cream-colored dorsal fin to swim in any direction while facing forward. To know more about Horsea Evolution see below where you will find its Moveset, Stats, Abilities, Usefulness, Locations, Weakness, Strength and more.

About Horsea

  • National Pokedex No: 116
  • Japenese Name: タッツー(Tattu)
  • Type: Water Type
  • Height: 4 m (1’04”)
  • Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lb)
  • Abilities:
    • Swift Swim,
    • Sniper and Damp
  • Local No:
    • 116 (Red/Blue/Yellow)
    • 186 (Gold/Silver/Crystal)
    • 184 (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
    • 116 (FireRed/LeafGreen)
    • 190 (HeartGold/SoulSilver)
    • 039 (X/Y — Coastal Kalos)
    • 193 (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)
    • 116 (Let’s Go Pikachu/Let’s Go Eevee)
    • 198 (The Isle of Armor)
  • Catch rate:225 (29.4% with PokéBall, full HP)
  • Base Friendship:70 (normal)
  • Base Exp.:59
  • Growth Rate:Medium Fast
  • Egg Groups:Dragon, Water 1
  • Gender:50% male, 50% female
  • Egg cycles:20 (4,884–5,140 steps)

Horsea Changes In Different Generations

Horsea Evolution sees different changes in the Pokemon in different generations.

  • In Generation 1, Horsea has a base Special stat of 70.
  • In Generation 3, Horsea does not have the Sniper ability.
  • In Generations 1-4,  the base experience yield of Horsea is 83.

Horsea Pokedex Stats

  • HP: 30
  • Attack: 40
  • Defense: 70
  • Speed: 60
  • Special Attack: 70
  • Special Defense: 25
  • Total: 295

Moves Learned By Horsea

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy
1 Leer NORMAL Status 100
1 Water Gun WATER Special 40 100
5 Smokescreen NORMAL Status 100
10 Twister DRAGON Special 40 100
15 Focus Energy NORMAL Status
20 Dragon Breath DRAGON Special 60 100
25 Bubble Beam WATER Special 65 100
30 Agility PSYCHIC Status
35 Laser Focus NORMAL Status
40 Dragon Pulse DRAGON Special 85 100
45 Hydro Pump WATER Special 110 80
50 Dragon Dance DRAGON Status
55 Rain Dance WATER Status

Moves Learned By TMHorsea Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

TM Move Type Category Power Accuracy
21 Rest PSYCHIC Status
24 Snore NORMAL Special 50 100
25 Protect NORMAL Status
27 Icy Wind ICE Special 55 95
31 Attract NORMAL Status 100
33 Rain Dance WATER Status
35 Hail ICE Status
36 Whirlpool WATER Special 35 85
39 Facade NORMAL Physical 70 100
40 Swift NORMAL Special 60
45 Dive WATER Physical 80 100
52 Bounce FLYING Physical 85 85
55 Brine WATER Special 65 100
76 Round NORMAL Special 60 100

How To Find Horsea?Horsea Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Red and Blue Route 19, 20, 21, Seafoam Islands
Yellow Route 10, 11, 12, 13, Vermilion City
Gold, Silver and Crystal Whirl Islands
Crystal Route 24, 25, Ilex Forest
Ruby and Sapphire Route 132, 133, 134
FireRed Route 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 24, Bond Bridge, Cerulean City, Cinnabar Island, Five Island, Five Isle Meadow, Green Path, Icefall Cave, Kindle Road, Memorial Pillar, One Island, Outcast Island, Pallet Town, Resort Gorgeous, Seafoam Islands, Tanoby Ruins, Trainer Tower, Treasure Beach, Vermilion City, Water Labyrinth, Water Path
LeafGreen Route 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 24, Cerulean City, Cinnabar Island, Pallet Town, Seafoam Islands, Vermilion City
Emerald Route 132, 133, 134, Pacifidlog Town
Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Route 226
HeartGold and SoulSilver Seafoam Islands, Whirl Islands
Black/White and Black 2/White 2 Route 17, 18, P2 Laboratory
X and Y Cyllage City, Ambrette Town
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Route 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, Sealed Chamber


Sun and Moon, and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Kala’e Bay
Lets Go Pikachu Route 11, 12, 13


Sword and Shield Insular Sea

How To Evolve?Horsea Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Horsea Evolution starts into Seadra starting at level 32. Further, when Seadra is traded holding a Dragon Scale, it evolves into Kingdra.

How Much Useful Is My Horsea?

For Horsea, Modest/Timid Nature is beneficial for most Generations.

Horsea is a Water-type Pokémon that levels up at a Medium Fast rate to Seadra, and then Kingdra. On evolving to Kingdra it gains an additional Dragon typing. As with all water types, Horsea has a weakness towards Grass (2x) and Electric (2x) type moves, and deals super-effective Damage to Rock, Ground, and Fire-type Pokémons’ Moveset. It is resistant to Fire (1/2 x), Water (1/2 x), Steel (1/2 x), and Ice (1/2 x) Type Pokémons. It is damaged Normally by all other Type Pokémons. It is best used with a Modest/Timid Nature nature to make use of its decent abilities.

Horsea Evolution can be a very potent threat in the rain thanks to its Swift Swim Ability, which doubles its Speed. However as its Special Defense is lacking, it has difficulty setting up rain for itself. With the right support from its teammates, Horsea can indeed prove to be a very effective Sweeper.

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