Atlantis Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details of the Show is here!

Atlantis is a British Fantasy TV Drama Series, which is inspired by Greek Mythology. The shoe has been created by Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, and Howard Overman. The show premiered on the BBC. The show has had aired two seasons so far. With the first one airing on 28 September 2013 and ending on 28 December 2013. The second season aired on 15 November 2014 and wrapped things up on 16 May 2015. Today, we are going to talk about Atlantis Season 3.

Atlantis Season 3 Storyline

The show begins with Jason, accidentally ending up in Atlantis when his submarine crashes and gets pulled into white light. Atlantis is ruled by King Minos and his wife Queen Pasiphae. Atlantis is a place where all legends come true, which includes getting smitten by gods, legendary creatures guarding curses, and many more. He is taken in by Pythagoras and Hercules, and along with them, the trio embarks on an adventure. They also pick up some allies like Medusa, Ariadne, and Oracle.

The Official Announcement

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but Atlantis Season 3 has officially been canceled. A BBC Spokesperson said to DS “The final seven episodes of Atlantis will transmit on BBC One in spring. We would like to thank Urban Myth Films and all the cast and crew but the series will not be re-commissioned.” “We are very proud of both series but to keep increasing the range of BBC One drama we have to make difficult decisions to bring new shows through.”

So it doesn’t look like we’ll get another season soon.

The Cast

Atlantis Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details of the Show is here!

The cast of the show includes Jack Donnelly as Jason, Mark Addy as Hercules, Robert Emms as Pythagoras, Ayisha Hart as Ariadne, Sarah Parish as Pasiphae, Juliet Stevenson as the Oracle, Jemima Rooper as Medusa, Amy Manson as Medea, Ken Bones as Melas, John Hannah as Tychon, Robert Lindsay as Daedalus, Joseph Timms as Icarus, Gary Oliver as Alytarch, Hannah Arterton as Korianna, Lou Broadbent as Ione, Lucy Cohu as Circe, Joe Dixon as Ramos, Alexander Siddig as King Minos, Oliver Walker as Heptarian, Ciaran Griffiths as Cyrus, Nora Jane Noone as Atalanta, Thomas Coombes as Critias, Lorcan Cranitch as Cilix, Peter De Jersey as Goran, Amy Manson as Medea, Ronald Pickup as Orpheus, Robert Pugh as Sarpedon, Vincent Regan as Dion, Emmett J.Scanlan  as Delmos, Clive Standen as Telemon, Anya Taylor Joy as Cassandra, Sian Thomas as Eurydice and many others.

Atlantis Season 3 Release Date

As already mentioned, Atlantis Season 3 has been canceled, so there is no release date for it.

The Trailer

Atlantis is available on BBC, So those of you who haven’t watched it can go over there and watch it now.

Until we come with more Updates about this series, you can check JoJo Part 6 & more.

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