Pokemon 2019 Episode 48: Release Date, Preview and Recap!!!

Pokemon is abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters is a Japanese anime television series. Pocket Monsters is the twenty-third season of the Pokemon animated series. Internationally, the series is known as Pokemon Journeys: The Series. The twenty-third part streamed on TV Tokyo, premiering 17 November 2019. It released on June 12, 2020, on Netflix in the USA, making it the first Pokemon series to not air on conventional broadcast television.

This season follows the life and adventures of Ash Ketchum and a brand new protagonist Goh. They are seen traveling across all eight regions of the Pokemon franchise, including the new region from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 48 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 episode 48 is expected to be released on Friday, December 4, 2020. These Animes are released every Friday. Watch the series on Netflix.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 48 Preview

Pokemon 2019 Episode 48: Release Date, Preview and Recap!!!

Satoshi and Go can be seen enjoying their prize from the Pokemon Eating Contest and Team Rocket seems to be having different plans for the two. Meanwhile, Lucario and Aceburn struggle to free their arms stuck together due to a strange sticky bubble gum kind of a thing. Team Rocket gets another Pokemon resembling Pikachu. They create a plan to take revenge on Go and Satoshi, creating chaos and kidnapping the real Pikachu.

Pokemon 2019 Recap

Professor Sakuragi advises Go to put Hoshigarisu’s never-ending appetite in the Pokemon Eating contest. Satoshi also takes part in the Eating contest with Kairyu.

Whoever wins the contest will get a chance to go to Isshu for free and All-you-can-eat gormet Isshu food. Team Rocket is also lured to participate with Morpeko and in order to win, they do not eat for days altogether.  Team Rocket uses ugly tricks to eliminate many contestants who passed the elementary round but Hoshigarisu and Go proved to be unstoppable. Hoshigarisu evolves to Yokubarisu in the last round to ensure their great victory.

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