Salazzle Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


Salazzle is the one amongst the dual-type pokémon. It maybe Poison/Fire-type pokémon. This pokémon is introduced in Generation Seven. Also, Salazzle is referring to as ‘Toxic Lizard Pokémon’. Are you ready to get known of this toxic Pokemon Evolution- well, then let’s have a deep-down study of Abilities, Moveset, Stats, Strength, Weakness, Location among other details of Salazzle.

Salazzle is a thick gray-colored Pokémon look similar to a salamander or lizard. Its narrow body has a purple underside with many curvy, thick pink markings: a U-shaped marking with a pair of extra lines inside over its chest and one on every hip featuring an appearance of wisps of smoke. The thick gray upon its head and neck enlarge vaguely onto its chest in a V-shape. It has a slim head with purple, almond-shaped eyes with slash pupils and a pair of fang-like projections on both sides of its lower jaw. There is a pair of narrow, curvy growths over its rear part of the body at the base of its tail, which is whip-like with a thick pink underside. Its arms and feet each have five big, fine digits.  Salazzle is a female-only species with an unknown male counterpart.

Salazzle resides deep in caves with a alter harem of male Salandit.

About Salazzle

  • National №:   758
  • Japanese Name: Ennewt
  • Type:  POISON /FIRE
  • Height: 1.2 m (3′11″)
  • Weight: 22.2 kg (48.9 lbs)
  • Abilities:
    • Corrosion
    • Oblivious (hidden ability)
  • Local №: 
    • 162 (Sun/Moon — Alola dex)
    • 196 (U.Sun/U.Moon — Alola dex)
    • 245 (Sword/Shield)
    • 160 (The Isle of Armor)
  • Catch rate: 45 (5.9% with PokéBall, full HP)
  • Base Friendship:   70 (normal)
  • Base Exp.:   168
  • Growth Rate:  Medium Fast
  • Egg Groups: Dragon, Monster
  • Gender:    0% male, 100% female
  • Egg cycles: 20 (4,884–5,140 steps)

Salazzle Pokedex Stats

  • HP:  68
  • Attack: 64
  • Defense:  60
  • Speed: 117
  • Special Attack: 111  
  • Special Defense: 60    
  • Total:  480

Moves Learned By SalazzleSalazzle Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

1 Captivate NORMAL Status 100
1 Disable NORMAL Status 100
1 Ember FIRE Special 40 100
1 Encore NORMAL Status 100
1 Poison Gas POISON Status 90
1 Pound NORMAL Physical 40 100
1 Swagger NORMAL Status 85
1 Sweet Scent NORMAL Status 100
1 Torment DARK Status 100
5 Ember FIRE Special 40 100
8 Sweet Scent NORMAL Status 100
13 Dragon Rage DRAGON Special 100
16 Smog POISON Special 30 70
21 Double Slap NORMAL Physical 15 85
24 Flame Burst FIRE Special 70 100
29 Toxic POISON Status 90
32 Nasty Plot DARK Status
39 Venoshock POISON Special 65 100
44 Flamethrower FIRE Special 90 100
51 Venom Drench POISON Status 100
56 Dragon Pulse DRAGON Special 85 100

Moves Learned By TMSalazzle Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

02 Dragon Claw DRAGON Physical 80 100
06 Toxic POISON Stay 90
09 Venoshock POISON Special 65 100
10 Hidden Power NORMAL Special 60 100
12 Taunt DARK Status 100
17 Protect NORMAL Status
21 Frustration NORMAL Physical 100
27 Return NORMAL Physical 100
28 Leech Life BUG Physical 80 100
32 Double Team NORMAL Status
34 Sludge Wave POISON Special 95 100
35 Flamethrower FIRE Special 90 100
36 Sludge Bomb POISON Special 90 100
38 Fire Blast FIRE Special 110 85
41 Torment DARK Status 100
42 Facade NORMAL Physical 70 100
43 Flame Charge FIRE Physical 50 100
44 Rest PSYCHIC Status
45 Attract NORMAL Status 100
46 Thief DARK Physical 60 100
48 Round NORMAL Special 60 100
50 Overheat FIRE Special 130 90
56 Fling DARK Physical 100
61 Will-O-Wisp FIRE Status 85
62 Acrobatics FLYING Physical 55 100
65 Shadow Claw GHOST Physical 70 100
66 Payback DARK Physical 50 100
82 Dragon Tail DRAGON Physical 60 90
84 Poison Jab POISON Physical 80 100
87 Swagger NORMAL Status 85
88 Sleep Talk NORMAL Status
90 Substitute NORMAL Status
100 Confide NORMAL Stay

How To Find Slazzle?

  • Sun, Moon:    Evolve Salandit

  • Ultra Sun:    Wela Volcano Park, Lush Jungle

  • Ultra Moon:    Wela Volcano Park, Lush Jungle, Heahea Beach

  • Let’s Go Pikachu, Let’s Go Eevee:    Trade/migrate from another game

How To Evolve?

  • There are currently a total of two Pokemon species in Salazzle’s family of its own kind of evolution.

In order to evolve Salazzle, firstly you need female Salandit.Salazzle Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

  • Salandit is the primary and unevolved form in its family of evolution. Salandit is only 12.5 % female and the rest 87.5 % is male.
  • Salazzle is a female gender pokémon that Evolves from female Salandit at the starting of level 33.

How Much Useful Is My Salazzle?

Salazzle creates a poisonous gas, which has the ability to attract male species by pheromones that the gas is consisted of. The males are ordered to bring food for Salazzle and those who can’t be able to do the task are punished with flaming slaps. The gas has also consisted of all the chemicals that are needed to make perfumes and it is obvious that the gas could be diluted to do so.

Salazzle seems to have a weakness to Psychic, Rock, Water, Ground-type Pokémon because Salazzle deals the highest damage from these types of attacks, while it is strong against Bug, Fairy, Grass, Poison, Steel, Ice, Fire-type attacks because it takes less damage from these types Moveset.

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