Pokemon 2019 Episode 49 Release Date Update & Spoiler Discussion

Pokemon 2019 episode 49 release date is set for 11 December 2020. Pokemon anime is a Japanese television series based on the popular Pokemon video games. The series first started airing in Japan on April 1, 1997. The twenty-third season of this series is known as Pocket Monsters in Japan, and as Pokemon Journeys: The Series worldwide.

The season got premiered on 17 November 2019 on TV Tokyo in the US. Now, this is currently streaming on Netflix, from June 12, 2020.

Pokemon 2019 episode 49   Release Date

Episode 49 will be released on  Friday, 11th December 2020 on Netflix.  A new episode is released every Friday on Netflix.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 49 Release Date Update & Spoiler Discussion

Pokemon 2019 episode 49 Characters

Ash, Goh, Jessie, James, Meowth, Wobbuffet are all the main characters that appear in the anime.


In episode 48, we have seen that Team Rocket has planned that, they will sell the ice cream. They are waiting for Satoshi to get distracted, to flee with Pikachu. For this, they created a doll Pikachu, so as to wipe it with the real Pikachu.

Nyarth explains to the team members that, the doll Pikachu is exactly the same as the original one. It has the same appearance, feels, and temperature as that of the real one. The team members feel happy, that they will succeed in their plan.

But later, they realize that the doll Pikachu is unable to pronounce his name properly. He was pronouncing his name as Hikachu.

Goh and Satoshi reach the ice cream van, and they were treated with delicious ice cream, by the team. While they were enjoying the ice cream, Team Rocket tries to steal the Pikachu. They put the fake one near the original but finds it difficult to recognize the original and the fake one.

They manage to steal one Pikachu,  but finally, realize that they have stolen the fake one. Now we will wait and find out, what happens in the next episode.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 49 Preview


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