Kingdom Chapter 664 : Release Date, Recap and Spoilers and Others!

Kingdom Chapter 664 is not coming out this week as the manga series is on a break this time. It is written at the end of the Kingdom 663 chapter that the manga series is on a break next week. Also, Manga Mogura tweeted it on 2nd Dec.

About Kingdom Chapter 664

Though Kingdom is on a break, the theories and assumptions surrounding the new chapter aren’t even close to stopping. The war between the realms continues. Also, the mysterious appearance of Kyou Rei will further stir up the fight.

Chapter 663: Recap

Kingdom Chapter 664 : Release Date, Recap and Spoilers and Others!

In the manga, the Infantry Unit was already having a hard time fighting when Rei mysteriously appeared. His arrival made the war further stirred up for the Hi Shin army.

However, it remains to be seen if Rei will be an ally or an enemy in disguiseEpic Dope cited. Here, she effortlessly lay to waste more than a hundred people in a sea of blood singlehandedly.

On the other hand, Shin still can’t believe the rumors after many people claim that they have seen Kyou Kai, knowing she has been stuck on the bed for a few days. Now, the big question is, will she be a solution to the infantry’s troubles or a new enemy that will go against Qin. Kingdom Chapter 664 will be starting soon?

The Spoilers and Assumptions

There are assumptions that the shadow Kyou Kai saw in her dream was only her “sensing Rei coming,” especially that her kind can sense each other’s presence. She can be the person that can get Kyou Kai back on her feet by killing the Qin soldiers or help Kyou Kai by performing some ritual. Well, we need to wait till Kingdom Chapter 664 releases!

Kingdom Chapter 664 : Release Date, Recap and Spoilers and Others!

It is also possible that Shin will defeat the next Shiyuu, instead of Kyou Kai. Indeed, Kyou Kai is stronger than him, but it may be the best way to show how strong Shin has become without going overboard. Rei may start to sense that aside from a Shiyuu Chi, a Bushin is also inside Shin.

Meanwhile, although the manga is on a break, Kingdom Chapter 664 may come out at any moment. The chapter is already complete and only waiting for publication.

Kingdom Chapter 664 Release Date

The English transcript of the RAW isn’t available yet. This is the link to the Official SPOILERS and RAW.

According to the official manga sources, Kingdom Chapter 664 will be out on Thursday, December 17. Are you excited? What is your take on the series? Let us know in the comments below.

The Trailer

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