Crabominable Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


Crabominable is a fighting/ice-type pokemon that was introduced in Gen 7. It is also known as the Woolly Crab Pokemon. This crab-looking evolution of Crabominable seems quite good as its Moveset, Stats, Abilities do justice with your efforts but only until it comes to its weakness one of which is its low speed. Still, it’s way powerful and you can take advantage by knowing it better.

Crabominable BIology:

The Crabominable pokemon is a crustacean Pokemon that resembles a crab covered in white fur. The fur of the pokemon is fluffier around its mouth, shoulders, and claws; but the fur is absent on its face, the tips of its legs and arms, and portions of its chest, abdomen, back, and arms. On top of the pokemon’s head is a patch of yellow fur with two tufts extending upward. The face of the pokemon is light blue with beady black eyes and a large mouth where two blunt teeth are visible. Below the mouth of the pokemon is a dumbell shaped, dark blue marking, and its abdomen is also dark blue with a lighter blue stripe. These two sections create the impression of pectoral and abdominal muscles in them. On their back, there are two dark blue spots. The arms of the pokemon are segmented into three parts. The arm segments grow in size with the smallest being closest to the body, and there is a dark blue spot on the center segment. The claws are light blue with a darkest blue pawprint-shaped marking on the tips. The mark that would be the “palm” of the paw is actually the lower half of the pincer.

About Crabominable

  • National No: 740
  • Type: fighting/ice
  • Japanese Name: ケケンカニ (Kekenkani)
  • Height: 1.7m
  • Weight: 180.0kg
  • Abilities:
    • hyper cutter,
    • Iron Fist,
    • Anger Point(hidden ability)
  • Local no:
    • 060(Sun/Moon-Akola Dex)
    • 072(U.Sun/U.Moon-Akola Dex)
  • Catch rate: 60
  • Base friendship: 70
  • Base exp: 167
  • Growth rate: medium fast
  • Egg groups: water 3
  • Gender: 50% male and 50% female
  • Egg cycles: 20

Crabominable Pokedex Stats

  • HP: 97
  • Attack: 132
  • Def: 77
  • Special atk: 62
  • Special def: 67
  • Speed: 43
  • Total: 478

Moves Learned By Crabominable

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

LV Move Type Cat. Power Acc.
1 Bubble Water Special 40 100
1 Ice Punch Ice Physical 75 100
1 Leer Normal Status 100
1 Pursuit Dark Physical 40 100
1 Rock Smash Fighting Physical 40 100
9 Leer Normal Status 100
13 Pursuit Dark Physical 40 100
17 Bubble Beam Water Special 65 100
22 Power Up Punch Fighting Physical 40 100
25 Dizzy Punch Normal Physical 70 100
29 Avalanche Ice Physical 60 100
33 Reversal Fighting Physical 100
37 Ice Hammer Ice Physical 100 90
42 Iron Defense Steel Status
45 Dynamic Punch Fighting Physical 100 50
49 Close Combat Fighting Physical 120 100

Moves Learned By TMCrabominable Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

TM Move Type Cat. Power Acc.
01 Work Up Normal Status
06 Toxic Poison Status 90
07 Hail Ice Status
10 Hidden Power Normal Special 60 100
11 Sunny Day Fire Status
13 Ice Beam Ice Special 90 100
17 Protect Normal Status
18 Rain Dance Water Status
21 Frustration Normal Physical 100
26 Earthquake Ground Physical 100 100
31 Brick Break Fighting Physical 75 100
32 Double Team Normal Status
42 Facade Normal Physical 70 100
44 Rest Psychic Status
45 Attract Normal Status 100
48 Round Normal Special 60 100
52 Focus Blast Fighting Special 120 70
55 Scald Water Special 80 100
56 Fling Dark Physical 100
59 Brutal Swing Dark Physical 60 100
66 Payback Dark Physical 50 100
71 Stone Edge Rock Physical 100 80
78 Bulldoze Ground Physical 60 100
79 Frost Breath Ice Special 60 90
80 Rock Slide Rock Physical 75 90
87 Swagger Normal Status 85
88 SleepTalk Normal Status
90 Substitute Normal Status
100 Confide Normal Status

How To Find Crabominable?Crabominable Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Ultra Sun
Ultra Moon
Evolve Crabrawler
Let’s Go Pikachu
Let’s Go Eevee
Not available in this game
Not available in this game

How To Evolve?Crabominable Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

The pokemon evolves from Crawbrawler when it is leveled up at Mount Lanakila.

How Much Useful Is My Crabominable?

Well, Ice Hammer and Close Combat has high power and are needed for STAB. Stone Edge deals with Mega Charizard Y, while Crabhammer deals with the Heatran. Hyper Cutter prevents Intimidators from lowering the Attack. Crabominable pokemon is great and works well sweeping in Trick Room due to his very low speed.

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