Galvantula Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


The spider looking Galvantula may be advantageous to you and the confirmation for that can be found in the Moveset, Stats, Abilities, Strength, Weakness among other specifications it gets from the evolution. All that be found here, know it better:

About Galvantula

  • Japanese Name: デンチュラ (Dentula)
  • National №:596
  • Height: 0.8 m (2′07″)
  • Weight: 14.3 kg (31.5 lbs)
  • Abilities:
    • Compound Eyes
    • Unnerve
    • Swarm (hidden ability)
  • Local №:
    • 102 (Black/White)
    • 174 (Black 2/White 2)
    • 065 (Sword/Shield)
    • 094 (The Crown Tundra)
  • Catch rate:75 (9.8% with PokéBall, full HP)
  • Base Friendship:50 (normal)
  • Base Exp.:165
  • Growth Rate: Medium Fast
  • Egg Groups: Bug
  • Gender:50% male, 50% female
  • Egg cycles:20 (4,884–5,140 steps)

Galvantula Pokedex Stats

  • HP – 70
  • Attack – 77
  • Defense – 60
  • Speed Attack – 97
  • Speed Defense – 60
  • Speed – 108
  • Total – 472

Moves Learned By GalvantulaGalvantula Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy
1 Absorb GRASS Special 20 100
1 Bug Bite BUG Physical 60 100
1 Electroweb ELECTRIC Special 55 95
1 Fury Cutter BUG Physical 40 95
1 Sticky Web BUG Status
12 String Shot BUG Status 95
16 Thunder Wave ELECTRIC Status 90
20 Electro Ball ELECTRIC Special 100
24 Agility PSYCHIC Status
28 Sucker Punch DARK Physical 70 100
32 Slash NORMAL Physical 70 100
39 Discharge ELECTRIC Special 80 100
44 Screech NORMAL Status 85
50 Gastro Acid POISON Status 100
56 Bug Buzz BUG Special 90 100

Moves Learned By TMGalvantula Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

TM Move Type Category Power Accuracy
07 Pin Missile BUG Physical 25 95
08 Hyper Beam NORMAL Special 150 90
09 Giga Impact NORMAL Physical 150 90
14 Thunder Wave ELECTRIC Status 90
16 Screech NORMAL Status 85
17 Light Screen PSYCHIC Status
21 Rest PSYCHIC Status
23 Thief DARK Physical 60 100
24 Snore NORMAL Special 50 100
25 Protect NORMAL Status
28 Giga Drain GRASS Special 75 100
31 Attract NORMAL Status 100
33 Rain Dance WATER Status
39 Facade NORMAL Physical 70 100
40 Swift NORMAL Special 60
52 Bounce FLYING Physical 85 85
62 Speed Swap PSYCHIC Status
73 Cross Poison POISON Physical 70 100
76 Round NORMAL Special 60 100
80 Volt Switch ELECTRIC Special 70 100
82 Electroweb ELECTRIC Special 55 95

How To Find Galvantula?Galvantula Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Black 2
White 2
Evolve Joltik
Trade/migrate from another game
Omega Ruby
Alpha Sapphire
Evolve Joltik
Ultra Sun
Ultra Moon
Trade/migrate from another game
Let’s Go Pikachu
Let’s Go Eevee
Not available in this game
Route 7, Lake of Outrage, Giant’s Bed, Old Cemetery, Giant’s Foot, Three-Point Pass, Ballimere Lake

How To Evolve?

Galvantula evolves from Joltik which is a bug/electric type Pokèmon introduced in Generation 5 starting at level 36.

How Much Useful Is My Galvantula?

Galvantula’s body consists of a head and abdomen. Its head is yellow on top and mild red on the bottom. It has two large, blue, forward-facing eyes with black pupils, and four, smaller, simple eyes sitting in a 2×2 sample on its forehead. It has two lengthy pedipalps linked from the underside of its head, which are blue and hairless on their lower 1/2 and covered in thick yellow fur on the top half.

Galvantula’s body is blanketed in yellow and light pink fur on the pinnacle with blue fur under its abdomen. Four tufts of hair sprout from below its abdomen and grow upward. Two giant tufts sprout from the left and right of the rear, whilst two smaller ones sprout from every side. The fur on its return is mild pink and with three thick, yellow stripes strolling up from its rear. Despite being primarily based on a spider, Galvantula has solely 4 legs. Each leg is connected to the head by using a blue upper half. The lower 1/2 is blanketed in yellow fur and types a bell-shape over its blue, conical feet.

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