Hoppip Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


Hoppip (Japanese: ハネッコ Hanecco) is a round, adorable pink Pokemon which slightly resembles a cat. With long green leaves protruding on top of its head. The leaves on its head have jagged edges, similar to a dandelion. In few words, if you want the overview of Moveset, Stats, Abilities, Weakness, Strength among other specifications of Hoppip then we can say it’s not that good but still, there are few things here in the evolution that can help you in tidbits.

It has big, triangular ears with dark insides, which they also use to listen to the incoming wind and beautiful beady yellow eyes that lack pupils. Its arms and legs are short and thick, and it has a short tail with a rounded tip. There is a circular yellow pad on the underside of each foot. Hoppip appears to be based on a bulb or root

Hoppip’s body is very light, and it is easily lifted off the ground by winds and will drift in the air. Hoppip can sense approaching strong winds through their ears. In order to avoid being blown away, it bunches and links leaves with other Hoppip or grips the ground firmly and securely with its feet. However, it enjoys gentle breezes. They mostly play in the daylight and when seen at the location table they are mostly found in the morning light.

Hoppip lives in temperate grasslands area, although some also drift through fields, mountains, and even urban environments

About Hoppip

  • Japanese Name: ハネッコ (Hanecco)
  • National Pokedex no: 187
  • Type: Grass, Flying
  • Height: 4 m (1′04 feet)
  • Weight: 5 kg (1.1 lbs.)
  • Abilities:
    • Chlorophyll
    • Leaf Guard
    • Infiltrator (hidden ability)
  • Local No.:
    • 067 (Gold/Silver/Crystal)
    • 067 (HeartGold/SoulSilver)
    • 135 (X/Y — Central Kalos)
  •  Catch rate
  • 255 (33.3% with PokéBall, full HP)
  • Base friendship: 70 (normal)
  • Base experience: 50
  • Growth rate: medium fast
  • Egg group: Fairy, Grass
  • Gender: 50 % Male, 50% Female
  • Egg cycles: 20 (4,884–5,140 steps)

Hoppip Pokedex Stats

  • HP:35
  • Attack:35
  • Defense:40
  • Sp. Atk:35
  • Sp. Def:55
  • Speed:50
  • Total:250

Moves Learned By HoppipHoppip Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

1 Absorb Grass Special 20 100
1 Splash Normal Status
4 Synthesis Grass Status
6 Tail whip Normal Status 100
8 Tackle Normal Physical 40 100
10 Fairy wind Fairy Special 40 100
12 Poison powder Poison Status 75
14 Stun spore Grass Status 75
16 Sleep powder Grass Status 75
19 Bullet seed Grass Physical 25 100
22 Leech seed Grass Status 90
25 Mega drain Grass Special 40 100
28 Acrobatics Flying Physical 55 100
31 Rage powder Bug Status
34 Cotton spore Grass Status 100
37 U-turn Bug Physical 70 100
40 Worry seed Grass Status 100
43 Giga drain Grass Special 75 100
46 Bounce Flying Physical 85 85
49 Memento Dark Status 100

Moves Learned By TMHoppip Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

6 Toxic Poison status 90
10 Hidden power Normal Special 60 100
11 Sunny day Fire Status
17 Protect Normal Status
21 Frustration Normal Physical 100
22 Solar beam Grass Special 120 100
27 Return Normal Physical 100
32 Double team Normal Status
33 Reflect Psychic Status
40 Aeriel ace Flying Physical 60
42 Facade Normal Physical 70 100
44 Rest Psychic Status
45 Attract Normal Status 100
48 Round Normal Special 60 100
53 Energy ball Grass Special 90 100
62 Acrobatics Flying Physical 55 100
75 Swords dance Normal Status
77 Psych up Normal Status
83 Infestation Bug Special 20 100
86 Grass knot Grass Special 100
87 Swagger Normal Status 85
88 Sleep talk Normal Status
89 U- turn Bug Physical 70 100
90 Substitute Normal Status
99 Dazzling gleam Fairy Special 80 100
100 Confide Normal Status

How To Find Hoppip? Hoppip Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

GOLD/SILVER Route 13,14,14,32,33 (Day)
CRYSTAL Route 11, 13,14,15,29,30,31,32 and 33 (Day)
FIRERED/LEAFGREEN Five Island, Resort Gorgeous, Water Labyrinth (Surfing) Five Isle Meadow, Memorial Pillar (Tall grass and surfing)
XD Oasis Poke Spot
DIAMOND Route 205 (North and South) (Poke Radar)
PEARL Route 205 (South), Fuego Ironworks (Poke Radar)
PLATINUM Route 205(South) (Poke Radar)
HEARTGOLD/SOULSILVER Route 13,14,15,32,33 (Day)

Route 48

WHITE White Forest
BLACK 2/WHITE 2 Route 18 (Swarm)
DREAM WORLD Pleasant Forest, Windswept Sky
X/Y Route 7 (Horde Encounter)
Sun and Moon Pokemon Bank
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Pokemon Bank
Lets Go Pikachu and Lets go Eevee! Unobtainable
Sword and Shield Unobtainable

How To Evolve?

There are currently a total of 3 Pokemon in the Hoppip family. Hoppip evolves into Skiploom which costs 25 Candies. It happens at level 18. Hoppip was introduced in Generation 2 from Johoto Region.

It further evolves into Jumpluff into its final form costing 100 Candy. It happens at level 27

How Much Useful Is My Hoppip?

This Pokemon is not really competent but still can be useful with a great strategy. It lacks the bulk to wall-relevant threats as its attacks are too weak to threaten a well-built team. Hoppip’s best bet would be to use its typing which works well in Kanto region, and Strength Sap to wall enemies that are asleep.

With above-average speed stats and decent special defense, it can still work well in the battles. It is best suited for the players that enjoy stall, as its move set is filled with status, set up and recovery moves and also has little offensive presence. It also makes a great one to catch new Pokemon. Even low stats pokemon can problem a strong one with good planning and implications.


Hoppip is a Grass/Flying-type Pokemon, which makes it to show up high weakness against Ice moveset, and weak against Fire, Flying, Poison, and Rock moves.

The other strong Pokemons who can stand a great chance against Hoppip are Darmanitan (Galarian Zen), Darmanitan (Galarian Standard), Mamoswine, Weavile, Glaceon.

Well, do you think that the Hoppip Evolution can suffice your needs in the game after going through its weakness, Moveset, stats, and more? If yes then you should run down to the Hoppip Evolution!

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