Komala Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


Sleepwalking is what we have all heard but if you would be convinced by Moveset, Stats, Abilities, Weakness, Strength of Komala evolution then you will see sleep-fighting too. Well, hope you are not going to select it just because of seeing that pecularity.

About Komala

  • Japanese Name: ネッコアラ (Nekkoara)
  • National №:775
  • Type: NORMAL
  • Height: 0.4 m (1′04″)
  • Weight: 19.9 kg (43.9 lbs)
  • Abilities:
    • Comatose
  • Local №:
    • 222 (Sun/Moon — Alola dex)
    • 286 (U.Sun/U.Moon — Alola dex)
  • Catch rate:45 (5.9% with PokéBall, full HP)
  • Base Friendship:50 (normal)
  • Base Exp.:168
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Egg Groups: Field
  • Gender:50% male, 50% female
  • Egg cycles:20 (4,884–5,140 steps)

Komala Pokedex Stats 

  • HP – 65
  • Attack – 115
  • Defense – 65
  • Speed Attack – 75
  • Speed Defense – 95
  • Speed – 65
  • Total – 480

Moves Learned By KomalaKomala Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy
1 Defense Curl NORMAL Status
1 Rollout ROCK Physical 30 90
6 Spit Up NORMAL Special 100
6 Stockpile NORMAL Status
6 Swallow NORMAL Status
11 Rapid Spin NORMAL Physical 50 100
16 Yawn NORMAL Status
21 Slam NORMAL Physical 80 75
26 Flail NORMAL Physical 100
31 Sucker Punch DARK Physical 70 100
36 Psych Up NORMAL Status
41 Wood Hammer GRASS Physical 120 100
46 Thrash NORMAL Physical 120 100

Moves Learned By TMKomala Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

TM Move Type Category Power Accuracy
01 Work Up NORMAL Status
04 Calm Mind PSYCHIC Status
06 Toxic POISON Status 90
08 Bulk Up FIGHTING Status
10 Hidden Power NORMAL Special 60 100
11 Sunny Day FIRE Status
17 Protect NORMAL Status
21 Frustration NORMAL Physical 100
26 Earthquake GROUND Physical 100 100
27 Return NORMAL Physical 100
31 Brick Break FIGHTING Physical 75 100
32 Double Team NORMAL Status
42 Facade NORMAL Physical 70 100
45 Attract NORMAL Status 100
47 Low Sweep FIGHTING Physical 65 100
48 Round NORMAL Special 60 100
60 Quash DARK Status 100
62 Acrobatics FLYING Physical 55 100
65 Shadow Claw GHOST Physical 70 100
66 Payback DARK Physical 50 100
75 Swords Dance NORMAL Status
77 Psych Up NORMAL Status
78 Bulldoze GROUND Physical 60 100
80 Rock Slide ROCK Physical 75 90
87 Swagger NORMAL Status 85
88 Sleep Talk NORMAL Status
89 U-turn BUG Physical 70 100
90 Substitute NORMAL Status
100 Confide NORMAL Status

How To Find Komala?Komala Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Ultra Sun
Ultra Moon
Route 11
Let’s Go Pikachu
Let’s Go Eevee
Not available in this game
Not available in this game

How To Evolve?

It is not known that from where it is evolved or into which it evolves or we can say Komala doesn’t evolve.

How Much Useful Is My Komala?

Komala is a gray Pokémon comparable to a koala. It has large, rounded ears with mild orange fur on the inside. Its large, ovoid black nostril extends up between its fluffy white eyebrows, and there are extra white puffs of fur on every cheek. There is a small ruff of longer, gray fur around its neck. Each hand is black with 5 quick fingers, and it has three black claws and a black paw pad on each foot. Its underbelly is white, as is its brief fluffy tail. Komala is usually seen maintaining a brief wooden log, which it is given at birth. The log is typically a mild brown with darker, oval markings all over it. The ends of the log are tan with the growth rings visible.

This Pokémon stays asleep from birth to death, staying this way due to the fact of its weight loss plan of leaves containing sedative properties. While its expression on occasion modifications as if it is conscious of its surroundings, this seems to be a result of its dreams instead. It is capable to eat, travel, and even battle without waking. If the log pillow it clings to is removed, it will be unable to sleep properly and thrash wildly. However, it will occasionally hold to the arm of a Trainer it trusts. During deep sleep, it stops moving altogether. According to ancient people, if a small quantity of the saliva created when it eats leaves is watered down and ingested, one will be in a position to sleep well. Hypno has been regarded to hunt this Pokémon in Alola, performing to pick them over humans.

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