Greedent Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


Have you seen received a suggestion of Greedent evolution from your friend? Well, it’s good that you are here to review Moveset, Stats, Abilities, Strength, Weakness among other details of Greedent. So, have a look here:

Greedent is a chubby Normal-type pokemon resembling a red squirrel. It is covered with dark brown and light brown fur. The tip of the ear underside, belly, and lower half of its face is covered with dark brown fur and the rest of the body with light brown fur or reddish-tan fur. It has a  pair of tiny black eyes with tan marking around them. Greedent has an orange nose and freckles on its cheek. This pokemon has a fluffy tail and stubby limbs.

Standing by their name, Greedent is an extremely greedy pokemon, they store many berries inside their long fluffy tail. Its bucktooth is strong enough to crack open even the hardest nuts shell or berry shells. it is also called the ‘greedy pokemon’ and is introduced in Generation 8.

About Greedent

  • National No.: 820
  • Japanese Name: Yokubarisu
  • Height and weight: 0.6 m or 2’00” and 6.0 kg or 13.2 lbs
  • Ability:
    • Cheek Pouch
    • Gluttony (Hidden Ability)
  • Local No.:
    • 025 (Sword/ Shield)
    • 010 (The Isle of Armor)
  • Catch Rate: 90 (20.1% with poke ball)
  • Base Friendship: 50
  • Base Experience: 161
  • Growth Rate: Medium Fast
  • Egg Group: Field
  • Gender: 50% male, 50% female
  • Egg Cycles: 5,140 to 4,884 steps

Greedent Pokedex Stats

  • Hit Point (HP): 120
  • Attack:  95
  • Defense:  95
  • Special Attack: 55
  • Special Defense:  75
  • Speed: 20
  • Total: 460

Moves Learned By GreedentGreedent Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Moves Learned By Levelling Up







Lv. 01 Bite Physical 60 100 Dark
Lv. 01 Covet Physical 60 100 Normal
Lv. 01 Stuff Cheeks Status Normal
Lv. 01 Tackle Physical 40 100 Normal
Lv. 01 Tail Whip Status 100 Normal
Lv. 15 Spit Up Special 100 Normal
Lv. 15 Stockpile Status Normal
Lv. 15 Swallow Status Normal
Lv. 20 Body Slam Physical 85 100 Normal
Lv. 27 Rest Status Psychic
Lv. 34 Counter Physical 100 Fighting
Lv. 41 Bullet Seed Physical 25 100 Grass
Lv. 48 Super Fang Physical 90 Normal
Lv. 55 Belch Special 120 90 Poison

Moves Learned By TMGreedent Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!







TM 08 Hyper Beam Special 150 90 Normal
TM 09 Giga Impact Physical 150 90 Normal
TM 15 Dig Physical 80 100 Ground
TM 21 Rest Status Psychic
TM 23 Thief Physical 60 100 Dark
TM 24 Snore Special 50 100 Normal
TM 25 Protect Status Normal
TM 31 Attract Status 100 Normal
TM 39 Facade Physical 70 100 Normal
TM 50 Bullet Seed Physical 25 100 Grass
TM 53 Mud Shot Special 55 95 Ground
TM 57 Payback Physical 50 100 Dark
TM 58 Assurance Physical 50 100 Dark
TM 59 Fling Physical 100 Dark
TM 66 Thunder Fang Physical 65 95 Electric
TM 67 Ice Fang Physical 65 95 Ice
TM 68 Fire Fang Physical 65 95 Fire
TM 76 Round Special 60 100 Normal
TM 84 Tail Slap Physical 25 85 Normal
TM 97 Brutal Swing Physical 60 100 Dark
TM 98 Stomping Tantrum Physical 75 100 Ground

How To Find Greedent?



Sword/ Shield Route 6,7,9, Axew’s Eye, Bridge Field, Giant’s Cap, Giant’s Mirror, Giant’s Seat, Hammerlocke Hills, Lake of Outrage, Motostoke Riverbank

How To Evolve?

Skwovet’s family consists of two pokemon.

Greedent is evolved from Skwovet at Level 24. It is the first and final evolution of Skwovet.Greedent Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

How Much Useful Is My Greedent?


Greedent is immune to Ghost-type pokemon. However, it is weak to Fighting-type pokemon.

Proc and Cons

Greedent has impressive offensive potential and its low-speed stat gives it access to a strong Gyro Ball move. It also has many good coverage moves, enabling it to give effective damage to its opponent. Stuff Cheeks with Cheek Pouch boosts its defense and recovery.

However, it has a poor speed stat making it vulnerable to fast attackers. Being weak to Fighting-type pokemon makes it vulnerable to Hawlucha and Lucario.

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