Walrein Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


Walrein has all the Moveset, Stats, Abilities, to make you win the battle and also the weakness against other Pokemon and against its own nature that may pull you down in the battles. So it will be the weakness or its strength that will prompt or pull you back from the Walrein evolution would be a thing to see. So, have a look:

Walrein is an Ice/Water-type Pokémon that was launched in Generation III. Its whole body is pretty big in shape and much larger than a traditional walrus. A fat layer of blubber is present beneath its skin. The color of its skin is dark blue. Two thin white circular lines cover its entire neck area. These lines are also present on its tail. A pair of light yellow-colored tusks emerge from the upper portion of its mouth. It possesses round-shaped yellow eyes with black-colored pupils in them. Some big bunches of white fur wraps around its neck and face from the sides. Unlike most Pokémon, it doesn’t have any legs. Instead, it carries big-sized flippers in its place. Just like a normal walrus!

Walrein doesn’t like to inhabit alone. It can be seen always with its herd. Its group also has a strong leader that always defends the group in case of danger. Plus, it goes by its nickname ‘Ice Break Pokémon’.

Behavior of Walrein

Hot environments are not suitable for Walrein because it has a fat layer of blubber under its skin. That’s why places which have ice-chilling temperature with cold seas are perfect for its habitat. The layer keeps it warm in cold conditions. Additionally, it is mostly discovered in herds.

About Walrein

  • Japanese Name: Todoseruga
  • National Number: 365
  • Type: Ice/Water
  • Height: 1.4 m (4’07”)
  • Weight: 150.6 kg (332.0 lbs)
  • Abilities:
    • Thick Fat,
    • Ice Body,
    • and Oblivious (Hidden)
  • Local Number: 
    • 175 (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
    • 245 (Black 2/White 2)
    • 184 (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)
  • EV Yield: 3 HP
  • Catch Rate: 45
  • Base Friendship: 70
  • Base Exp: 239
  • Growth Rate: Medium Slow
  • Egg Groups: Field, Water 1
  • Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female
  • Egg Cycles: 20 (4,884-5,140 steps)

Walrein Pokedex Stats

  • HP: 110
  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 90
  • Special Attack: 95
  • Special Defense: 90
  • Speed: 65
  • Total: 530

Moves Learned By WalreinWalrein Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy
1 Ice Fang Ice Physical 65 95
1 Swagger Normal Status 85
1 Crunch Dark Physical 80 100
1 Defense Curl Normal Status
1 Powder Snow Ice Special 40 100
1 Growl Normal Status 100
1 Water Gun Water Special 40 100
Evo. Ice Fang Ice Physical 65 95
7 Rollout Rock Physical 30 90
7 Encore Normal Status 100
13 Ice Ball Ice Physical 30 90
19 Brine Water Special 65 100
19 Aurora Beam Ice Special 65 100
25 Body Slam Normal Physical 85 100
31 Rest Psychic Status
31 Snore Normal Special 50 100
38 Hail Ice Status
49 Blizzard Ice Special 110 70
60 Sheer Gold Ice Special

Moves Learned By TMWalrein Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

TM Move Type Category Power Accuracy
05 Roar Normal Status
06 Toxic Poison Status 90
07 Hail Ice Status
10 Hidden Power Normal Special 60 100
13 Ice Beam Ice Special 90 100
14 Blizzard Ice Special 110 70
15 Hyper Beam Normal Special 150 90
17 Protect Normal Status
18 Rain Dance Water Status
21 Frustration Normal Physical 100
26 Earthquake Ground Physical 100 100
27 Return Normal Physical 100
32 Double Team Normal Status
39 Rock Tomb Rock Physical 60 95
42 Facade Normal Physical 70 100
44 Rest Psychic Status
45 Attract Normal Status 100
48 Round Normal Special 60 100
49 Echoed Voice Normal Special 40 100
68 Giga Impact Normal Physical 150 90
78 Bulldoze Ground Physical 60 100
79 Frost Breath Ice Special 60 90
80 Rock Slide Rock Physical 75 90
87 Swagger Normal Status 85
88 Sleep Talk Normal Status
90 Substitute Normal Status
94 Surf Water Special 90 100
98 Waterfall Water Physical 80 100
100 Confide Normal Status

How To Find Walrein?Walrein Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Game Location


Evolve Sealeo
Emerald Evolve Sealeo


Colosseum Trade
XD Evolve Sealeo
Diamond Trade
Pearl Evolve Sealeo
Platinum Evolve Sealeo


Evolve Sealeo
Pal Park Sea


Undella Bay (Surfing in rippling water)
Black 2

White 2

Undella Bay (Surfing in rippling water)


Evolve Sealeo
Omega Ruby

Alpha Sapphire

Evolve Sealeo


Evolve Sealeo
Ultra Sun

Ultra Moon

Evolve Sealeo
Let’s Go Pikachu

Let’s Go Eevee




How To Evolve?

Walrein carries two pre-evolutionary forms – Spheal and Sealeo (Both are Ice/Water-type). Spheal requires level 32 to transform into Sealeo. While we have to boost the level of Sealeo up to 44 to capture a brand new Walrein.

How Much Useful Is My Walrein?

The blubber layer not only protects Walrein from the cold but also defends it against the moveset applied by its opponents. Those moves are unable to affect it as they get bounced back after making the collision with its skin.

Walrein long giant-sized tusks are enough to crush several blocks of ice in a single blow. These blocks can weigh nearly 10 tons. However, we must not ignore the chances of losing its teeth against a formidable foe. A very powerful attack can break them.

Walrein’s first main ability is Thick Fat. This ability aids it in withstanding against all Ice/Fire-type moves and lowers down the damage by 50%. While Ice Body is capable of replenishing its lost HP. But this process can be completed only in the presence of a hail storm. If it’s winter, then consider yourself very lucky as hail storms always arrive in the winter season. Otherwise, you have no choice but to bring a Pokémon to the battle that can summon a hail storm.

Additionally, Oblivious works as Walrein’s hidden ability. If your Walrein is under the effect of this ability, then there is not a single Pokémon on the Earth that can successfully entice it. Captivate will not work either.

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