Cautious Hero Season 2 Release Date, Expected Plot Synopsis & More Updates

According to the Latest industry rumors Cautious Hero Season 2 might get announced in the upcoming days as Konosuba Season 3 was confirmed by the studio.

The Cautious Hero, which has recently completed its English Dubbed premiere in January 2020 on Funimation, is a typical Isekai taken from a light novel Manga series of the same name. It started airing in Japan with the name ‘Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru’ in October 2019 and in total premiered 12 episodes. And fans are waiting for Cautious hero Season 2 ever since.

Cautious hero Season 2 Release Date

The series is quite popular, and its second season seems to be the most awaited one and to see its success, it seems obvious that White Fox, the studio will announce its renewal soon, and hopefully, we wish to see it in 2021.

Apart from success, another renewal is that until the finale of season 1, Kadokawa has already completed seven volumes of the light novel from which the anime is adapted.

The availability of sources for the plot and the high viewership it grabbed from season one can definitely be merged into season 2. We are just waiting for an official confirmation. The series is all about two overpowered protagonists named Ristarte and Seiya. How the series is named Cautious Hero is the cautiousness of Seiya that he followed all through the series.

Cautious Hero Season 2 Release Date, Expected Plot Synopsis & More Updates

The Goddess, Ristarte, is supposed to save Gairbrunde, the hard-mode world, and she eventually realizes that she will not be able to do it alone and in the process she recruits the cautious hero whose habit of overly being watchful irritates her. But seeing his abilities, she had to learn to live around him.

Cautious Hero: Voice Cast

  • Seiya Ryuguin, voiced by Yūichirō Umehara
  • Ristarte, voiced by Aki Toyosaki
  • Mash, voiced by Kengo Kawanishi
  • Elulu, voiced by Aoi Koga
  • Ariadoa, voiced by Hibiku Yamamura
  • Cerceus, voiced by Atsushi Ono
  • Ishtar,  voiced by Keiko Han

Cautious hero Season 2: Storyline

At the finale of season one, we have seen that Ristarte and Seiya win the battle again Demon Lord and successfully save Gairbrunde, but that happens when they break the rules and do something that is now allowed like Ristarte using her full power to support Seiya.

In the next season, we can see Ristarte being ripped off of all her goddess powers and getting a mission to save SS ranked world, and probably Ixphoria would be the world which was mentioned in Episode 3 of the first season.

Cautious hero Trailer

Cautious Hero is available on Netflix  So those who want to watch it can check it out there.

But until we have a Definitive Release Date for Cautious Hero Season 2 you can check out more news about Violet Evergarden Season 2 & More

Top 3 Animes to Watch While we Wait for Cautious Hero Season 2

So as we wrap things up there is still one thing that we know still troubles our readers. And i.e. What should they watch until Season 2 of Cautious Hero Releases. As we talked about there is still time for the next season of Cautious Hero to Air and until then many of you are looking for shows similar in the Genre. Well, you won’t have to go any further as we have curated a list of Top 3 shows that you would love to binge. So Here we go:-

1.Fire Force Season 3

2. Castlevania Season 4

3.Violet Evergarden Season 2

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