Industrialist and Chairman Of Tata Group, ‘Ratan Tata’ Pledges ‘Rs 500 Crore’ To Fight Coronavirus!!!

=In the pandemic situation of coronavirus in India, there are many people who come in front of the help everyone in this situation by donation of, distributing eatable items, etc.

Industrialist and Tata Group chairman emeritus Ratan Tata on Saturday said that:

“Emergency resources are extremely important in the present times to deployed to cope with the needs of battling the novel coronavirus crisis and  pledged Rs 500 crore to Covid-19 pandemic.”

Ratan Tata on  twitter wrote that:

“Covid-19 crisis is one of the toughest challenges we will face as a race. The Tata Trusts and the Tata Group companies have in the past rise to the needs of the nation. At this moment, the need of the hour is greater than any other time.”

Industrialist and Chairman Of Tata Group, 'Ratan Tata' Pledges 'Rs 500 Crore' To Fight Coronavirus!!!


He also said :

 “In this exceptionally difficult period, urgent emergency resources need to be, deployed to cope with the needs of fighting the Covid-19 crisis. Today the Tata Trusts continue their pledge to protect and empower all affected communities is committing Rs 500 crore.”

In this situation, Tata Trust ‘s contribution is:

1. Personal protective equipment for medical personnel.

2. Respiratory systems for treating coronavirus patients.

3. Testing kits for per capita testing.

4. Setting up modular treatment facilities.

5. Training of health workers and the general public.

Meanwhile, The Tata Trusts, Tata Sons, and the Tata Group of companies are joined by committed local and global partners as well as the government to fight this crisis on a united public health collaboration platform, which will strive to reach out to selections that are underprivileged and deprived.

Further, Tata Sons announced an additional Rs 1000 crores support towards COVID 19 and related activities.

N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Group, said that:

“In addition to the initiatives articulated by Tata Trust, we are also bringing in ventilators necessary and are going up to also manufacturing the same soon in India. The country is facing an unprecedented situation and crisis. All of us would have to do whatever it takes to alleviate the communities we serve”.

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