Is “Dracula Season 2” Back with ‘Dolly Wells’??. Release Date, Cast and Everything You Need to Know

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, creators of Sherlock, recently hinted in an interview the possibility of a sequel to ‘Dracula,’ a show that was heavily adapted from Bram Staker’s seminal vampire story of 1887. Although, any official notice on the subject is still due.

The audience might have to wait for a long time for the second season of ‘Dracula’ as its makers have to yet plan the series and following the route of Season 1, the filming itself might take immense time.

At best, a trailer can be expected the following year, that would be the minimum time required for the production of the show to be completed.

 Is "Dracula Season 2" Back with 'Dolly Wells'??. Release Date, Cast and Everything You Need to Know


According to the sources, When inquired about the possibility and story arc of Dracula’s season 2, Bang replied, “If there is another series, we’d presumably learn that Dracula survives his poisoning and lives up to Agatha’s values, doing some good even as he searches for peace in death- but based on how series on ends, it is genuinely quite difficult to see where else there is to go.”

If the series does return for the audiences viewing, Claes Bang will come back as the evil Count Dracula, as the show will not even exist without his titular character. In season one, Dolly Wells played the role of Sister Agatha Van Helsing, and Heffernan acted as Jonathan Harker, Dracula’s Victim.

Like the rest of the characters, they too died in the season but may appear the possibly upcoming season with their vengeful story arc that could be worth the wait. Dracula season 1 premiered on January 2020, and the future of its next installment will depend on the number of viewership.

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