Is Good Witch Season 6 returning on Netflix? Release Date, Cast and More.

Future of Good Witch on Netflix may not be guaranteed. Fans may be disappointed.

Hallmark’s top-rated fantasy comedy-drama series the Good Witch follows the lives of Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace living in the fictional town of Middleton. Cassie and things get interesting when their handsome neighbor Dr. Sam Radford and his son move to Middleton. Cassie and her daughter both are witches and possess magical awareness.

Goodbye Grace

Hallmark concluded season 5 of the show in August 2019. Season 6 was announced in July 2019. It has been confirmed that actress Bailee Madison who plays Grace Russell, will not be returning for Season 6. Some fans expressed concerns as to how well the show run after the departure of one of the major actresses.

Availability in the USA

Season 4 of the Good Witch was released on Netflix in July after Season 5 started airing on Hallmark. United States Netflix gets the new season last amongst all the Netflix regions; this indicates the fact that Season 5 may be released in the USA somewhere in the mid-2020s. Assuming that same timeline is followed, we may see Season 6 of the hit fantasy comedy-drama somewhere in the middle of 2021.

Is Good Witch Season 6 returning on Netflix? Release Date, Cast and More.

International Regions

In regions other than the USA, such as the United Kingdom and Australia new season is released few months after the new season is telecasted, so Season 5 of the Good Witch was released in December 2019 for some regions. For Season 6, it will be sometime in the last few months of December 2020.

Uncertain Future

Not to play a spoilsport, but after observing the trends of the last few years, it should be mentioned that comedy-fantasy show the Good Witch may altogether be removed from Netflix as most of the series created by Hallmark have departed from the online streaming platform especially in the USA.

There is no such official declaration about the storyline or new cast members of the Good Witch Season 6.

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