Is “Hailey Baldwin” the Reason being “Justin Bieber” PINK HAIR TRANSFORMATION

Justin Beiber, the 25-year-old pop singer, recently went with his transformation of hairs. Justin Beiber dyed his hair in the cotton candy pink color. Justin Beiber, who just celebrated his wife’s Hailey Baldwin 23rd birthday Nobu in Malibu.

The newlywed couple enjoyed a “romantic lunch” at Nobu in Malibu. However, the reason for his transformation is not cleared or revealed. But fans are assuming that he has undergone in this transformation just impress Hailey Baldwin and to surprise her.

Is "Hailey Baldwin" the Reason being "Justin Bieber" PINK HAIR TRANSFORMATION

They celebrated the birthday evening that included the romantic lunch. Not only this, both had a low-key dinner date at home. And they shared a few snaps on social media of their spread, which included salmon and veggies, followed by several dessert options, including a “23” cake for Baldwin and cupcakes.

Though it was just a casual celebration, the 25-year-old Pop singer was thrilled and delighted. The Hailey Baldwin just returned from Germany to celebrate her birthday with his husband, Justin Beiber.

While it’s not yet finalized who dyed his blond locks, or what brought on the change, the singer has had quite the hair evolution. From a lengthy bob to a buzz cut and recently sported a slicked-back do for his wedding to model, Hailey Baldwin, in September.

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