Rupert Grint Confirms, Harry Porter star Emma Watson & Tom Felton Secretly DATING!!!, Here’s the Proof

Who Is Emma Watson Dating?

Rumors are on the air that Emma Watson and Tom Felton are dating. Last year Hermione ie, Emma Watson, and Malfoy i.e., Tom Felton is found roaming together on California’s beach. These two costars of superhit series “Harry Potter” are dating, or this is just a bluff.

In one of her interviews, Emma confessed that she had a crush on Tom when they were kids working in “Harry Potter,” but she also clarifies that it was like a playground romance. She also clears all doubt that they are meeting just as a friend.

And working together for a long time will definitely leave some memories. That’s not a big deal while working for such a long time. They are attached heartily, and they are just having fun.

Rupert Grint Confirms, Harry Porter star Emma Watson & Tom Felton Secretly DATING!

We also came across a news article in which Tom Felton also denies the fact of being in a relationship with Emma; he says that we met in California is just a reunion, we met as a best friend. Many Fans of Hermione and Malfoy get curious about their relationship. And wanted to know about their relationship.

There’s Photo Evidence Hermione Granger, and Draco Malfoy Are Dating in Real Life

As I had come across their latest Instagram photos, they had not met yet like they had last year. So finally we can conclude that they had just a healthy and positive meeting last year. Don’t believe in rumors.

Emma had already clarified last year that she is happily single. She also added that “it took me a long time, but I am very happy to be single. I call it being self partnered ” this is all about their relationship. We had answered the question that is coming to every Harry Potter fan. Stay tuned until the next rumor doesn’t get into the air. We will also clarify that so stay healthy.

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