Is ‘Jaden Smith’ Dying? Here’s what “Will Smith” has to Say…..

Jaden Smith is suffering from a severe case of malnourishment. The Icon star turned to a vegan diet recently, which seems to be the cause of it.

Will Smith and Jada Smith have been highly concerned for their youngest son. The 21-year-old singer was looking pale and sickly. The information about Jaden’s health condition came to light in September 2019. The Karate Kid actor had become sick due to a lack of nutrients in the body. The nutrient imbalance in the body made Jaden almost go to a critical condition.

Is Jaden Smith Dying? Here's what Will Smith has to say.

His health started to go downhill after Jaden tried a new vegan diet. His family had quickly intervened with his nutrition and well-being that he had recently adopted. In the food that the After Earth actor had chosen, enough nutrients were unfound. As a result, his health had to be compromised. The Smith family had a family gathering to discuss Jaden’s issue.

Jaden had revealed that after his condition went out to the public, their reaction was crazy. Wherever he went, all the ones around him asked if he wanted water or some food. They became super-alert when he around. The people around also kept on asking if we felt fine many times a day. In contrast to the reaction, Jaden feels it is over-reacting. Jaden, from time to time, has revealed his family’s response went a bit over the board.

It turns out, the consequences of his diet were indeed dangerous. His body faced a lack of Omega 3, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D. Will Smith and Jada Smith have decided to hire a professional Dietitian and nutritionist. Jaden has been under severe health conditions due to his diets. Last year, he was admitted to the hospital due to gut problems. Hopefully, Jaden recovers soon.

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