Katie Holmes is Financially BROKE & Struggling for MONEY!!! after Breakup with Jamie Foxx, Here’s Why

Rumors related to Katie Holmes, American actress and former wife of actor Tom Cruise are doing rounds these days, According to the rumors, Katie, 41 is now broken.

Scroll below to know the truth behind these rumors.

There are two tabloids who have claimed that the Batman Begins star is running out of money and is, therefore, having trouble in making ends meet.

So, what made them believe that she is running out of money?

Apparently, Katie sold her Los Angeles mansion for $6 million. This sparked a rumor related to her being a financial crisis. The NW reported that the reason behind her decision to sell her majestic mansion was to get her hands on some cash.

Well, her Los Angeles mansion is not the only property she decided to sell. It has been reported that she even sold her home in Calabasas, California, for almost $4 million.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

According to the sources, the income of Dawson’s Creek actress has been highly unstable and insufficient due to the ongoing pandemic situation. With projects being paused or canceled, there is barely any source of income left for her.

A source close to her even reported that the lavish lifestyle of Katie is taking a toll on her finances. She is fond of wearing clothes that cost a fortune, plus she has to pay for other expenses like $56000 for her daughter, Suri Cruise’s education, and the monthly rent of her New York apartment, which is estimated to be $25000. And in her case, the sources barely meet the ends. In other words, what she earns is not usually enough.

Is Katie Holmes really facing a financial crisis?

Well, according to a source close to Katie, she sold her mansions because she has shifted to New York. Also, she receives $400,000 annually, like child support money from her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

Katie has yet not commented on anything about these rumors. Well, the chances of her being broke are unlikely.

What do you think about these rumors, is there any truth behind them?

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