Is “Kill Bill 3” on the way? Release Date, Cast and Here’s Everything we Know So Far.

Quentin Tarantino is ready for the threequel of the mega-famous action movie series Kill Bill
The Kill Bill prequel and the sequel both have engraved its name on every people who like the whole action martial genre. The fluid-like smooth yet deadly moves combined with revenge filled motive sets a good core to build up the story. calling the movie as one of the best action movies in the film industry, and it won’t be even an exaggeration.

When the first movie of the Kill Bill series was released, it turned out to be Tarantino’s highest-grossing movie at that time by earning over $180 million at the box office and sequel winning about $152.2 million in the box office.

Is "Kill Bill 3" on the way? Release Date, Cast and Here's Everything we Know So Far.

Quentin had presented us with the deadly Bride who turned out to be the most skillful woman in the history of cinemas as she sets to seek revenge against the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. The Bride, who is played by Uma Thurman, gets shot in the head during her wedding ceremony by Bill.

Bill, who is a leader of an assassination organization, shoots up all the guests who attended the wedding, including the Bride, who is pregnant with her former lover’s child, who, by some means, survives the attack.


After four years, the Bride goes on a rampage to kill Bill and all the others who are in the organization and were responsible for the mass killing, which took place on her wedding day.

As for the plot if the third movie, Tarantino has said that he has something interesting in mind, which could be interesting but didn’t reveal any storyline as of yet. He has also said that we can expect the movie by around 2023 or later.

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