Legion Series Cancelled After Legion Season 3. Disney Won’t Pick The Series. Read To Know The Reasons Of Cancellation

Fans from all over the globe were disheartened when their beloved show, Legion, came to an end after the third season.

Season 3 was eight episodes long and was aired on June 14, 2019.
The storyline of the famous American show, Legion revolves around genres like science fiction, psychological thriller, psychological horror, tragedy, and superhero. The show was praised by the critics for its VFX, direction, storyline, and cinematography.

Could LEGION SEASON 4 Ever Happen?? Release Date, Cast and Everything You Need to Know.

Legion Season 4: Is It Happening?

Noah Hawley, the creator of Legion, in an official statement, discontinued the superhero series in February 2019. According to him, he wanted to end the series after the third season and as of now, no confirmation regarding the renewal of the show has been made by him.

Some believe that the reason behind the discontinuation of the show was the declining number of viewers. Although the show was loved by many, it failed to attract many viewers after the release of the third season.

There chances of Disney picking up the show for a fourth season are negligible. This means, Legion 4 is not happening [sobs] but you can still re-watch the entire series on Netflix.

Legion Season 4: Possible Plot [If Show Comes]

The show gives us an insight into the life of David Haller who suffers from schizophrenia and as a result of that, a majority of his life has been spent in different psychiatric homes.

His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets a fellow patient in a psychiatric home, who tells him that there is more his condition which may be related to the death of his friend. Trying to escape from a government agency, he is on the run and his later saved me a group of mutants. Those mutants tell him that he is also one of them and that his mind if possessed by another parasitic mutant, the Shadow King.

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