‘Pedro Pascal’ returning with ‘Narcos Mexico Season 2’ Release Date, Plot & More

Netflix’s Narcos ‘ first season: Mexico has not had a happy ending. Narcos: Mexico’s second season probably won’t have a happy ending either, given the show follows the rise of Mexico’s drug wars in the 1980s.Mexico may be devastating, but it is one of the most complex and insightful shows of the streaming service as well.

Fortunately, waiting for more is nearly over. Narcos: On February 13, 2020, Mexico returns to Netflix just in time for the date of a Valentine’s Day.

It is Netflix’s fifth installment of the saga of Narcos. The first three seasons of the series explored the illegal drug trade in Colombia in the 1980s. Narcos: Mexico, which premiered in November 2018, was originally pitched as Narcos ‘ fourth season, but has since developed into a standalone show with sometimes character crossovers.

And if you’re a super-fan of Narcos, here’s what you need to know about Narcos: the upcoming second season in Mexico.

This time around, Diego Luna remains like the Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, who spent Narcos ‘ first season: transforming from an extremely smart villager with an impossible vision to a ruthless leader at the height of his power. According to his roles in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and If Beale Street Could Talk, Luna’s most frightening character is definitely the incredible “El Padrino.”

What’s Going On This Season?

According to the official press release of the streaming service, “The mega cartel splits of Félix Gallardo under his own dark weight, and social and political changes inside Mexico are causing the most overt corruption of his desperate administration. Meanwhile, the American drive to seek vengeance for the assassination of Kiki Camarena is moving them further away from any possibility of justice.

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