Is ‘Silent Hill’ 3 finally releasing? This is what the director has to say. What about Project Zero?

One movie series is one of the series that has been MIA for a long time. Furthermore, for every Blue moon, it comes out showing itself in the next light.

The Silent Hill movie was first released in the year 2006. This brilliant movie is directed by Christophe Gans. The psychological thriller movie is adapted from Konami’s video game with the same title. It was an instant hit. The movie had grossed over $46,982,632. It went on to become the 9th most grossed movie that is adapted from a video game.

While the second movie Silent Hill: Revelation, was dropped in 2012. This movie was directed and scripted by M. J. Bassett. This movie had earned over $55,975,672. It was considered to be a moderate hit as the movie budget was 20 million dollars. The fans gave a negative response to the movie. Moreover, the critics also gave a not so great response regarding the movie.Youtube

Christophe Gans, during an interview French Film News, announced his future plans for the movie. The director had stated he is working with Victor Hadida on two horror-themed movies. First, he is working on Project Zero.Rely On Horror

Project Zero is a movie adapted from a video game. Gans informed that the movie will take place in Japan. Since the video game is in Japan’s setting, he didn’t want to take away the roots of the plot.

Besides that, Christophe exclaimed he is also working on the new movie of Silent Hill. Not only that, Christophe informed us that the movie will be set in a small American town. A town that is crawled by puritanism. He thinks it is finally the time to make a new movie for the Silent Hill franchise.

We don’t know which project Christophe will give more importance to. Nonetheless, we are waiting eagerly for both of the films.

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