Is The 100 Season 7 is Finally Coming this year? 2020 Release Date, [LEAKED] Plot, Cast, and more.

The 100 possesses something in it, which inevitably makes us want more. The futuristically raw series will come back with the seventh season during this mid-year.

The previous season was filled with much hustle-bustle. The sixth season had a lot going on. There were spaceships, battles, murdering robots, and on top of that body snatchers. The seventh season is going to be the final season for the series. The release date for the seventh season has been unannounced yet. There is still much time left for the drop date to be declared.

The sixth season closed its screens with a headbanging cliff hanger. Octavia got killed by an adult hope. On second thought, she still can come back since it’s been a series, and anything can happen. She got submerged in a green mist.

Is The 100 Season 7 The Final Season? Release Date, Plot, Cast, and more.

We have no idea what happened with Sheidheda. The deal with the Sanctum Society is still in a mess. The principal leads of the drama are yet to solve the issue with society to make peace with them.

What we know about the final season is, the season will be dropped in the year 2020 itself. The seventh season will take off from exactly where the previous season ended. Bellamy is pulling his hair, to find out what happened to his sister.

Is The 100 Season 7 The Final Season? Release Date, Plot, Cast, and more.

It has been decided by the director that there won’t be any time traveling taking place. Although the time will sure act funnily. The director, Jason Rothenberg, revealed that Hope might not be a villain. He assured me that we might end up liking her for her quick wit.

The cast for the series will feature, Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin. Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake. Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake and other actors who will be a part of the cast.

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