Is American Gods Season 3 Coming? Emily Browning Is Back As Laura Moon. Read All Details You Need To Know

American Gods is a series that is based on Drama and Fantasy. This series premieres on Starz and available on Amazon Video. So far, two seasons had been released. Each season has eight episodes.

Season 1 was aired from April 30, 2017, to June 18, 2017. Season 2 was aired from March 10, 2019, to April 28, 2019. Both seasons were being pretty good as per the audience’s point of view, but let’s see what critics have to say. As we talk about season 1 was able to get 92% rating by Rotten Tomatoes that’s high praise. As about season 2 was able to get a 60% rating by Rotten Tomatoes, so that was full of mixed reviews.

So, we can say for critics Season 1 was super hit, and Season 2 was an average season.

American Gods Season 3 Cast

We can expect many characters will be back from the previous season.

We can expect Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon; we will be able to see Emily Browning as Laura Moon again. Yetide Badaki can be reappeared as Bilquis, Ian McShane is likely to be seen, Mr. Wednesday.

Others from the previous season may return as well. Some new cast members are also likely to be seen.

What To Expect From American Gods Season 3?

As per the expectation of the storyline of season 3, it’s a mystery for now.

We don’t know anything for sure, but we can expect that it will continue from where the previous season ended, or we can expect a completely new storyline also.

American Gods Season 3 Release Date

One good news for fans is that the series was renewed on March 15, 2019. So yes, there is definitely going to the Season 3 of American Gods.

There has been some gossip around that Season 3 is going to have ten episodes. Now about the Release Date of American Gods Season 3, we can expect in July or later this year. There hasn’t been any confirmation related to the release date, but that’s our best guess.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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