Is Sister Agatha Alive In Dracula? Will She Come Back In Season 2? Read All Details To Know Plot, Cast & Release Date Of Next Season

Dracula is a Horror, Drama series. This series was being aired on BBC One and Netflix.

Till now, one season is being released, and it has three episodes. The first episode was titled “The Rules of the Beast” and aired on 1st January 2020. The second episode was titled “Blood Vessel” and been aired on 2nd January 2020. The third episode was titled “The Dark Compass” and been aired 3rd January 2020.

This season got a pretty good response from the audience and critics as well. This season was able to get a 71% rating by Rotten Tomatoes, and critics also commented that this season is “A good mixture of horror and humor, and of course, Dracula holds its legacy, and it is scaring but still fun.”

Dracula Season 2 Cast

After the success of season 1, it is almost certain to expect the return of Claes Bang as the Dracula. 

We can also expect to see John Heffernan will reappear as Jonathan Harker. There are also possibilities that Dolly Wells will be back again as Sister Agatha Van Helsing. These were some characters without them; we just can’t imagine another season for Dracula.

So, these casts are pretty much expected to be back, but there may be some other cast from the previous season that will be back, and we can also expect some new cast also.

What To Expect From Dracula Season 2?

After the ending of the third episode of season 1, everyone was way too eager because it left a lot of questions unanswered.

We expect that in this season, those questions will be answered whether the Dracula is dead or will be back or will reborn. 

One thing for sure, this season will be more entertaining. Stay tuned for more updates.

Dracula Season 2 Release Date

The three episodes of season 1 were being aired on three successive days.

Dracula Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we can expect that there will be season 2 after the ending of season 1.

So, there hasn’t been any confirmation about Dracula season 2, but we can expect that it may release from mid to late 2021.

 No confirmation yet, but that’s the best guess we can do.


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