It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s RHODES!! and the light flashed with Captain MARVEL…Are you waiting for their Chemistry as well? Get in the line.

Talking about the hot comic romances, I suddenly came across the one with war machine and captain marvel. The chemistry just blows me.

While Avengers- Endgame just teased the audience with their romance, the comics just gave a better view. In civil war II when rhodey died, Carol suffered a heartbreak along with the fans. Rhodey’s death had her anger ignited for Iron Man for this carol soon will put Tony stark into a coma.

Hardly anyone stays dead in comic books, so Rhodey eventually rose from the dead and carol coming back to the avengers went on lunch with rhodey, which got heated until she had to go save the world…AGAIN!!

Before meeting rhodey again, Where carol was, time passed in a different manner, so the hours that passed for rhodey were weeks for carol. Time does go slower when you want it to just get the hell away!

Carol came to Rhodey with a different outfit and hairstyle but with the same love burning inside of her. War machine mentions the change in her in the conversation, but the reply Carol gives states otherwise.

Carol felt the love growing when she lost him, so now it’s yet to be found out if this will last because superheroes don’t have much luck in the “LOVE” area.

MCU fans were adamant about having carol and James chemistry because they only exchanged a few lines in the starting. It all started with the post by Don Cheadle when he posted a photo of them sitting together in the same pose and captioned it tagging Brie Larson. “Why you be copying me?” to which Brie replied she wanted to be more like him!!

This resulted in the audience asking for some adventure between both of them and waiting for the same to happen.

I’m a Marvel fan too and waiting for the movies every time is so exciting. I hope that all of you guys are waiting for the next movie, so let’s hope for the romance between captain marvel and war machine to be the center of attraction.

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