‘Jaden Smith’ is LITERALLY DYING!!! & Will Smith is Hiding the TRUTH from Everyone

The Smith Family was present at Monday’s Red Table Talk show. Where they discussed the deteriorating health status of the Jaden. The family spoke about the most healthy ways to get Jaden back to normal.

The rapper and actor adopted veganism. And recently his decision wasn’t best for him.

What Dr. Hyman Said:

The 21-year-old seemed to be frail and undernourished. Upon seeing disruption in his look, he told once they even tried to offer him food and water. Will and Jada Pinkett’s parents really worried about his health, and now they’ve intervened. Dr. Mark Hyman and even nutritional specialist Mona Sharma have now been hired to balance the health condition of their son. Jaden took to hospital in September in Australia after suffering from severe fatigue.

The doctor hired to treat the condition of the rapper said he suffered from such weakness because of his way of eating food.'Jaden Smith' is LITERALLY DYING!!! & Will Smith is Hiding the TRUTH from Everyone

Strict adherence to his diet has resulted in him obtaining adequate nutritional values needed to grow his body. The good news is that if he would change his diet plan and consume through supplementation, the doctor assured them Jaden’s health could restore.

Dr. Hyman said that if Jaden agrees to take vitamins and improve his diet, he would be able to rock the planet in no time. The health issues were always a matter of personal concern. Will just had a colonoscopy on himself. He did colonoscopy to extract the polyp, and in doing so he had shared his clip.

Family Members Statements:

Jaden had become very obese, and suffered due to dietary deficiency, according to his father.

He reported that he had started to look sallow and “drained” after taking up veganism. Within time, the signs of fatigue, poor pallor, etc. had begun to show much to the surprise of his loved ones. The 21-year-old promptly pushed for a healthier and more balanced diet. He specifically asked to increase his protein intake after his brief attempt with the food fad, which had taken a beating.

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