“Jaden Smith” Is Seriously ill, “Will Smith” and “Jada Pinkett Smith” Worried Again After Son’s Relation!!!

Son of legendary actor and producer Will Smith, Jaden Smith, the famous child actor and rapper, best known for his acting performances in ” The Pursuit of Happiness, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and The Karate kid,” is suffering from a severe illness that has stopped him from his acting and raping career. 

Jaden Smith had been a bit dormant in the acting industry till his latest appearance in Netflix’s 20017 show “Neo Yokio.” Currently, he is not able to work as he is undergoing a severe illness which was caused by a deficiency of proteins and essential vitamins. 

The illness started in September last year after Jaden Smith adopted a vegan diet, that was not suiting his body. Due to the lack of nutrients, he had become malnourished and developed eyebags and started looking weak and frail.

"Jaden Smith" Is Seriously ill, "Will Smith" and "Jada Pinkett Smith" Worried Again After Son's Relation!!!

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, grew deeply concerned about this illness of his and started arranging health interventions for him, in order for his speedy recovery. After consulting a few doctors and nutrition experts, they came to know that Jaden was lacking, Vitamin B12, Omega 3, and Vitamin D in his body, which is why he reached such a state of physical health. 

Jaden Smith became a topic of gossip among the public, and people would generally ask him if he had water and if he was sick. Jaden, however, was not happy with people asking him about his health and his illnesses. When asked about his illness, Jaden said, ” I’m here eating also. Like, I’m good. Like, I’m fine.” He was generally annoyed with the hyped-up rumors of his about his “fatal illness,” that was being spread throughout social media. 

In the beginning, Jaden Smith didn’t want to attend the interventions and seek medical attention, but with the support of his parents, he went to the doctors and took medical help. He is now working on his health to get back to being fit and healthy life. 

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