‘Janta Curfew’: Here’s Everything What All You Should Know

Coronavirus has started making catastrophes in India; it has taken casualties of 269 civilization.

  •  To fight back recently, The prime minister Narender Modi called for a curfew on the upcoming  Sunday in against coronavirus.
  • PM has urged people of the nation to stay at the residence for 14 hours.
  • They have solicited nation to follow the hygiene measures, keep washing your hands, and to resist socializing with people’s and maintaining social distance.
  • He mentioned that our Doctors, medical personnel, cleaning staff are putting their best to end coronavirus without worrying about their own.

What do we need to do, Janta curfew?

Janta curfew is volunteering curfew, where people were called to curfew at home and avoid moving outside on 22nd March between 7 am – 9 pm. 'Janta Curfew': Here's Everything What All You Should Know

He said, ” for the past two months day, millions are working day and night in hospitals and airports and those serving others by not taking care of themselves.

They urged people to show gratitude and support towards doctors, medical personnel At 5 pm on 22 March by making sound with utensils, bell, or by clapping at your balconies. He said, come out in your balconies with your family and cheer them!

In response, of these markets, malls and overcrowded place to be shut and jail authority had a halt on Sunday for visitors meeting. No passenger train will depart at midnight of Sunday, and 1000 low fare carriers IndiGo and GoAir had also canceled their flights.

PM Modi also said to” if possible, please call least 10 people every day and tell them about the ‘ Janta curfew ‘ as well as the measure to prevent.”

People working in essential services such as police, medical facility, media, hospital, firefighter didn’t need to take part in the Janata curfew.

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