Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen DIVORCE RUMORS on the Internet are totally FALSE & Baseless

The windmills of news are always around. Along with many important and unimportant headlines are appearing every hour. Here is another spicy one. It has time and again been questioned whether the senior pastor and co-pastor of The Lakewood Church getting divorced. So, here we are again to confirm the accuracy of the words. Joel and Victoria Osteen are happily married since. Blessed with a son and a daughter, the couple has
rigorously worked for the cause of Christianity, while being together for sweet 30 years.
The rumors of them getting divorced is high again. But like mentioned before, they are just rumors. There is nothing more to it than falsehood. Without any doubt, there have been many happy knots untieing, but this doesn’t seem to be the case between these two. Although Victoria and Joel have kept their life quite private from the crowd, this hitched best selling authors have been the bag of many allegations and rumors, but then this the cost you have to pay for fame. The couple has not given any comment on the above speculations. Joel Osteen is one of the most famous pastors and televangelist in the USA.Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen DIVORCE RUMORS on the Internet are totally FALSE & Baseless
Joel has attended the college to learn Radio and television communication but dropped out later. He has delivered several New York’s bestselling books. His sermons are viewed by a massive seven million across the land on a weekly basis and twenty million per month.
While Joel has credibility, his better half is none less. She has worked in her family-owned jewelry business. Victoria attended college to acquire knowledge psychology. Although she girl in her teenage, she molded herself as an inspiring, confident lady in her adulthood. She was raised in a motivating strong Christian culture, and from the start, she had seen life from a different perspective. The woman has also authored a few best selling books.
Joel took over the ministry of the church in his father’s last day. Victoria had fallen in love with Joel at his first sight; after taking the vow of marriage, Victoria joints her husband as co-pastor in the Lakewood Church. Joel and Victoria have several times shared their gleaming couple pictures on their social media handles. Their quotes and preachings on the importance of love and marriage reflect their bond. The family of four Joel, Victoria, Jonathan, Alexandria, lives a harmonious private life in Houston, Texas. We wish the couple years of happiness together.

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