‘John Cena’ have the Same Impact as The Rock in Fast and Furious 9, Release Date, Plot & More

Former WWE champion John Cena will be a part of the world-famous action-adventure film franchise Fast and  Furious in the next section.

WWE and fast and furious fans will be thrilled to know that former WWE champion John Cena famous for his catchphrase “you can’t see me” will be “seen” alongside Vin Diesel in the next fast and furious installment. Michelle Rodriguez will also make a came back, and former WWE sportsperson Dwayne Johnson will not return.  John Cena himself is a motorhead and has a vast collection of muscle cars.

You can see him

In an interview with a media house, he talked about the next Fast and Furious film. John Cena feels being cast in the hit franchise will be a wonderful adrenaline shot for the franchise. Wrestler turned actor further revealed that what makes this entire episode awesome is that the cast of the movie has been essentially working together for 20 years, which turned the cast into one big family. The whole world also views this family as their own.

'John Cena' have the Same Impact as The Rock in Fast and Furious 9, Release Date, Plot & More

Moreover, the actor also said that the franchise has been able to construct a superhero sort of environment without any characters having any superpowers. John Cena finds it surprising that franchise, which began as a story about street racing, evolved into something crazy connected with car culture. The franchise has been raising the bar of action and stunts with each new part and leaves fans asking for more even though all this franchise remains true to its story about a family.


Apart from John Cena, a couple of new actors, including Anna Sawai, Finn Cole, Vinnie Bennet, Ozuna, and Cardi B, will also be joining the cast in this installment. Details about the characters of these new actors or in what capacity they will be included are not known yet. A Cast so big and sprinkled with talented people, all of whom are working together for a franchise that has proven track record of success, is up-and-coming and very exciting to an ordinary cinema lover.

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