Johnny Deep and Amber Heard Domestic Abuse Controversy Seems Never Ending, Amber Heard get Access to Johnny Depp’s mental health records

Problems for Johnny Deep has been accelerating day by day with context to his real-life situation between him, and his ex-wife Amber Heard, the accusations made from either side are horrible and terrific. In the fight against those accusations, Johnny Depp is not only claiming the accusations against him are false but also raising counter questions against the pieces of evidence presented in front of media by Amber Heard.

A doubtful environment has been created around Amber Heard when she suddenly put up accusations just after the time when Johnny Depp decided to file a 50 million defamation lawsuit against her, this gets much worse when the Pirates of the Caribbean star raised questioned about the authenticity of the marks of the injury which were shown by his ex-wife, as the marks have suspiciously been disappeared after two-three days, he also forwarded a statement that he never had in his entire life has been violent to any other women.Johnny Deep and Amber Heard Domestic Abuse Controversy Seems Never Ending, Amber Heard get Access to Johnny Depp's mental health records

Meanwhile the Amber Heard’s lawyer has been aroused psychological angst along with physical abuse upon the actress by her ex-husband and had stated that Johnny Depp is trying to manipulate the sources through dismissing the psychological aspects of these abuses, upon this Johnny Depp shared some of the pictures where his face was bruised as a result of his ex-wife’s outburst. Following the picture, Johnny Depp has described how he got that mark, he states, Amber Heard tried to throw a bottle at him that hit his face and his fingers which results in injury.

The box of secrets and violent outbursts pictures and stories being put up by both the stars are making their fight uglier and uglier day-by-day. With time more twists and turns have been popping up in between two, which brings up to a question that the upcoming lawsuit would be able to resolve the fight between two-star celebrities or this fight would go on till it becomes nasty and horrendous. Recently Johnny Depp made himself grab in some news due to his pale, thin, and emancipated looks that worry his fans about his health conditions.

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