Joker 2: SEQUEL On The Way. Read Details To Know Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot & Storyline

The Oscar nomination movie will bring in the second part of Joker. We will be seeing Joaquin Phoenix, the Joker on the screens again. 

A mild update says that WB is working on the next part of Joker. The acting of the Joker attracted a massive audience to the theaters. One has to give him the sole credit for the unprecedented and phenomenal success of the Gotham’s psycho villain.

Joker 2: SEQUEL On The Way
Joker 2: SEQUEL On The Way

Scott and Todd will come back together to narrate a movie. The overall success of Joker made the call for the second part. The fans are demanding the second sequel of Joker. 

WB is doing a wise job of making the sequel. The Joker owns a vast market of itself. 

Joker 2 Cast

We are pretty sure that the Oscar-winning actor and the most Joker, Joaquin Phoenix, will be back. Apart from that, the cast will include Sophie Dumond (Frances Conroy), Detective Burke (Bill Camp), Detective Garrity (Glenn Fleshler), Gary (Josh Pais), Hoyt Vaughn (Rocco Luna), GiGi Dumond (Marc Maron), Gene Ufland (Sondra James) and Dr. Sally (Murphy Guyer), Barry O’Donnell (Douglas Hodge). 

There might be some new inclusions, but it is not yet sure. The officials will confirm it shortly.

Joker 2 Release Date

The launch of the movie is yet to confirm by the officials and WB. The script of the sequel is ready as per notifications. The shoot of the film will start late as the pandemic situation is all over. 

Joker 2: SEQUEL On The Way
Joker 2: SEQUEL On The Way

Every bit of the film will take time in production. Moreover, the process will start soon as the situation recovers. But the release will take time. We expect the launch to be in late 2021.

The continuation is according to the expectations of the audience. There might be some new additions to the plot to make it more spectacular. 

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