Joker 2: Will Joker Ever Get Caught? Plot Of Iconic Movie May Take Any Turn Now. Read All Details Here

The hugely successful movie “Joker” won lots of awards, and it gained so much love and support from the audiences. This fantastic film is directed and produced by Todd Phillips. The movie released in 2019 and was based on DC comic characters, which have Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker.

After the end of the movie, fans become very excited for the Joker 2, and they started speculating about the Joker 2. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the upcoming storyline, cast and characters, release date, and all stuff. Without wasting our time further, let us quickly move on to the main content of this article.

Joker 2: Release Date, Trailer, Story, Will Joaquin Phoenix Return?

Joker 2: Storyline

In the movie, we have seen that Arthur Fleck is a stand-up comedian and a clown. He has some mental disorders and mental health issues, which also involve uncontrollable laughter. All the society rejects and looks down upon him; he just wants to be accepted by other people of the community. Fleck started a steady descent into madness, and he transforms into the criminal known as the “JOKER.”

However, there are many ways in which the story can take a turn now. Maybe there is more than one joker. He may get caught for the murder of Murray Franklin and never become Joker that he wants to become. He may also become Bruce’s mentor. The story is highly unpredictable now. But, the more unpredicted it will be, the more fun it will be.

Joker 2: Cast

In the movie, we have seen Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck/Joker, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, France Conroy as Penny Fleck, and many others. Additional cast members are Glenn Fleshler and Leigh Gill as Randall and Gary, Marc Maron as Gene Ufland, Josh Pais as Hoyt Vaughn, Brian Tyree Henry as Clerk, and many others. All the actors performed a very excellent job in the movie.

Fans are very excited to see Joaquin Phoenix as Joker because of his excellent performance. Joaquin Phoenix gave his 100% performance in the movie, and his character plays a vital role in making the movie a super hit. We may see some of the new cast and style in the Joker 2.

Joker 2: Release Date

So enthusiastic peeps!!!! as you all know that the Joker 2 will definitely be going to arrive, but they are desperate to see the release date of the movie. Until now, there is no official release date by the makers of the film, but just stay connected with all the updates to know more about Joker 2. If the script of the movie is finished, then it is possible that the Joker 2 will arrive in 2021, but we can’t be sure.

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