“Justin Timberlake” is Trying Very Hard to gain “Jessica Beil’s” Heart Back after the Scandal.

Justin Timberlake has been on the news these days for all the wrong reasons. He was seen having a cozy time with his co-star in a pub late at night.

When the pictures of his time with the Alisha Wainwright were on the internet, things went downhill for the actor. The scandal was like a bushfire. It started spreading at an alarming rate. Before anyone could do anything, all everyone was speaking was of this scandal. Justin and Alisha were sitting in the balcony of a club.

They both looked pretty closed up and super cozy. We could see that Alisha’s hand was resting on top of Timberlake’s knee. And a zoomed-in picture revealed that Justin was covering Wainwright’s side right back. He had enclosed two of his hands on top of Wainwright’s hands.

The whole world had frowned upon him for cheating on his wife, Jessica Biel. Justin did not respond at first, but later on, he was forced to speak up to douse the fire. He apologized to his wife, profusely, for what had happened. Furthermore, He also recalled that he was a dad now. Justin does not want to teach his four-year-old son such behavior, which he had briefly acted upon.

"Justin Timberlake" is Trying Very Hard to gain "Jessica Beil's" Heart Back after the Scandal.

It seems that Jessica has finally forgiven Timberlake for his scandalous drunken behavior. Undoubtedly, she did not forget! The couple has days during which they have a good time. On the contrary, they also have days where they argue with each other, just like any other couple, they are figuring things out to come to a mutual understanding.

Jessica and Justin are attending couple therapy to heal their wounds. Additionally, Justin seems to be very persistent with his wife. Timberlake is doing all that he can to gain his wife’s trust back.

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