K-drama star Go Soo Jung Dead from MYSTERIOUS Illness, Was She MURDERED!!!

A tragedy has struck the entertainment industry of Korea

Talented 24-year-old actress Go Soo Jung has departed for her heavenly aboard. Fans all around the world are grieving her untimely demise. Story J Company, the official agency of Go Soo Jung, announced the sad news on 12th February 2019 through their official Instagram account. Go Soo Jung died on 7 February and her funeral took place on 9 February 2020. The funeral was kept very private and included only family and very close friends.

Who confirmed it?

The Company in their emotional Instagram post said the following “A few days ago, actress Go Soo Jung bid farewell to this world and became one of the bright stars in the sky. We will always remember actress Go Soo Jung and her glowing smile, which brightened the world. Please wish her a safe passage”.

Short lived Career

Go Soo Jung made her debut in 2016 in the hit K-drama Goblin. She also appeared in the series Solomon’s perjury. Furthermore, She also featured in a music video for BTS’ song “With Seoul.”source:metro.co.uk

Although Netizens are shocked by such a sudden demise, they have requested everyone to respect the family’s privacy and not make any speculations about her death.

Keeping in mind that Jung died from a chronic disease, one of the netizens posted, “So please stop making any speculations. Do you know (such actions) will hurt her family who still mourns her death?”

Mysterious Deaths?

The exact nature of the chronic disease which killed her is not disclosed yet. This is another incident that highlights the mysterious conditions in which K-drama stars lose their lives.

A few months back, another K-drama actress was killed when she abruptly stepped out of her car in the middle of a busy road and got hit by high-speed traffic. Nobody could confirm the reason for her odd behavior.

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