Katie Holmes USED!!! Jamie Foxx to ADVANCE HER CAREER then THREW!!! & DUMPED HIM

Many celebrity parents encouraged their children to follow in their footsteps, either by being a model or an actress. One of Hollywood’s major actors who helped his father make her dreams come true is Jamie Foxx. Her friend, Corinne, is tall, beautiful, and talented.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes tight-lipped following their divorce last August. The long-term couple declared their breakup but did not give any explicit reason behind it.

And that is not preventing news from going around. There are plenty of speculations about their separation.

Long-distance was just not working out

Although the two were together, they weren’t together. Katie Holmes lived in New York, while Jamie Foxx lived in LA. Katie Holmes didn’t like that, and some reports say she didn’t like his lifestyle to Jamie Foxx in LA.

She gave him an ultimatum that did not go the way that Holmes wanted. They wanted different things, and that couple decided to call it quits.

Katie holmes dated Jamie Foxx only for his industrial connection

That isn’t all, though. Others say this Foxx dated Katie Holmes just to take advantage of his relationships with producers and directors.

She decided to leave Foxx because there was nothing to do for Foxx and Holmes had got what she wanted.

In touch, Weekly revealed that her ex-boyfriend Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes is still very fond of the actor. Yet she admits the friendship has nothing more to it than that. What she wants him is he’s fine.

None of the couples was dating anybody else right now. Katie Holmes remains single.

Nonetheless, several sources claim that after he broke up with Holmes, Jamie Foxx had seen Sela Vave. The two of them were seen holding hands, celebrating their ride on a yacht, and many more moments like that.

Nevertheless, Jamie Foxx has clearly denied all the claims and said that Sela Vave is to him, what he was to Ed-Sheeran, Justin Beiber. He is her coach, and she supports through the industry.

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