Knightfall Season 3: Are Templars Going To Take Revenge Of The Betrayal? Read All Details About The Next Season Here

After the successful completion of the two seasons of the “KNIGHTFALL SEASON 3”, fans are waiting to know about the third season. Created by Dan Hanfield and Richard Rayner, this amazing series is a historical fiction drama television series. Fans are anxious to know information about the third season as soon as the second season ended.

The first season was premiered on December 6, 2017, and the second season came on August 13, 2018, and in this article, we will be going to discuss the release date of the third season, who all will be there as the star cast? What will be the plot, etc.? So, let’s quickly see all the information regarding the forthcoming series.

Knightfall Season 3: Release Date, Cast And All We Know So Far ...

Although we are not sure about the upcoming plot of the “Knightfall Season 3” because no information about the upcoming storyline is confirmed, the series is about the secret world of the strong warrior monks with the downfall of the templar order and the second season was focused on many thrilling themes like revenge, betrayal, family, and the dispute between the state and the church. So, the third season will also revolve around the thrilling themes, and I am sure that fans will enjoy it a lot.

According to Tom Cullen, “There is still… a lot of open storylines. The big one for me is Pope Clement, who has really risen. I think that the Templars will really want to exact some kind of revenge on him because I think they feel strongly betrayed by his actions.”

As per Historian Dan Jones, “Knightfall takes its cues and origins from two connected areas. One is the real history of the Templars; a lot of characters are real people.”

Knightfall Season 3: Cast

The cast of the first and the second season include Tom Cullen as Landry De Lauzon, Jim Carter as Pope Boniface VIII, Padraic Delaney as Gawain, Simon Merrells as Tancrede De Hauteville, Julian Ovenden as William De Nogaret and many others. There is no official announcement by the makers about the addition of new actors in the third season of the “Knightfall.” Some of the previous cast will appear again in the forthcoming season, and the other actors may likely include Mark Hamill, Ed Stoppard, and others, but we are not sure about this until the official announcement.

Knightfall Season 3: Release Details

There is “NO OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE TILL YET” about the third season of the “Knightfall,” but if look at the previous pattern of the release date, then the third season will arrive in 2020 or 2021. The second season was not as much entertaining as the audiences expected, and that’s why it gained less viewership.

Fans can hope for a nice storyline and quick arrival of the third season. There is no official trailer of the third season, and until the official release of the third season’s trailer and release date, you should go and watch the first and the second season of “Knightfall.”

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