KSI vs Jake Paul: KSI is down to FIGHT!!! Jake Paul Calling him a RACIST ASSH@LE!!!

If you are a follower of boxing matches and fights, then here is the news for you. After these many nail-biting matches, we might be able to witness the fight between KSI and Jake Paul as they both challenge each other in a boxing ring.

The much-anticipated match has a history of its own. YouTuber, Rapper, Actor, and Professional Boxer KSI have previously fought two matches against Logan Paul. The first match as an Amateur and the second match as a professional boxer leads KSI as the winner while Logan Paul declared the results to be ‘unfair.’

Jake Paul, younger brother of Logan Paul, enters who similar to KSI, is also a YouTuber, Actor, and Musician. Jake Paul did have a boxing match and emerged victorious against Deji, younger brother of KSI.

Amid the various lawsuits and controversies involving Jake Paul, one of them in which Paul received backlash after claiming ‘Anxiety is created by you’ as well as Logan Paul parting ways with girlfriend Josie Canseco, both the Paul brothers are determined to have a boxing match between Jake and KSI to avenge Logan’s defeat.

On the other hand, KSI had previously rejected any sort of indication of a rematch between himself and Jake; he did say that he might fight with Jake if he is able to beat Gib. And it looks like Jake took the challenge to heart and accomplished it as well. It is now to be seen whether KSI would keep his end of the bargain.KSI vs Jake Paul: KSI is down to FIGHT!!! Jake Paul Calling him a RACIST ASSH@LE!!!

As to where and when this fight may take place, one cannot say. As KSI has been fighting in Manchester, London, and Los Angeles and Jake have fought in London and Miami, these are likely places possible, which would be decided by the Matchroom boxing event. In any case, for now, we can only speculate and think about possibilities until further announcement.

Considering the long history and their ever so challenging each other, this match would surely create a huge hype among the audience who are in dire suspense at present.

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