“Lady Gaga” has NOT SHOWERED!!! or Taken a BATH in a LONG!! Time & Here’s Her Reason

Lady Gaga is so focused and concentrating on the upcoming sixth album that she had forgotten when the last time she bathed. The twitter exploded with comedy when Lady Gaga revealed her bathing secret in her Tweet.

She shared her conversation with her assistant. Her assistant asked her that when was the last time she took a bath. Lady Gaga replied by saying I don’t remember as I was so busy and focused on my upcoming sixth album.

And this took fans to laugh by holding their stomachs. Everyone rolled on the floor, laughing. However, jokes apart, many fans appreciated her hard work and focused on her upcoming sixth album.

Lady Gaga has NOT SHOWERED!!! or Taken a BATH in a LONG!! Time & Here's Her Reason

Lady Gaga has forgotten about her cleanliness due to her upcoming sixth album. She has used #LG6 to inform fans that her forthcoming sixth album caused her unhygienic lifestyle.

Lady Gaga has always been teasing and having fun by her comments among fans.

In this year only, in March, she said on the rumors of her pregnancy that yes, she is pregnant with her upcoming sixth album, i.e., #LG6. Therefore, her way of responding to any news is way different and also comic.

Lady Gaga had been busy promoting her hit movie musical ‘A Star Is Born,’ for which she won the 2019 Best Original Song Oscar for ‘Shallow.’ Meanwhile, she also launched her new makeup brand over the summer.

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