[LATEST UPDATE] ‘Titus Welliver’ and ‘Jamie Hector’ Is Back In “Bosch Season 6”. Release Date, Plot, Cast and Much More

Watching series online has become common nowadays. But there are always some awaited series. Similarly, on Amazon Prime Video, the most awaited web series, in the present scenario is, BOSCH. A new season of this series is coming soon.

Release date Bosch Season 6

The producer Michael Connelly confirmed the release date on Amazon Prime in this coming April 2020.

Official details about Bosch Season 6

“After a medical physicist is executed and the deadly radioactive material he had gone missing and detective Harry Bosch finds himself in a murder case at the center of a complex. A messy federal investigation and catastrophic threat to Los Angeles, the city he’s pledged to serve and protect.”

This is just a small trailer description about this season.

[LATEST UPDATE] 'Titus Welliver' and 'Jamie Hector' Is Back In "Bosch Season 6". Release Date, Plot, Cast and Much More

Bosch Season 6 cast

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch

Jamie Hector as Detective Jerry Edgar (Bosch’s Police Partner)

Amy Aquino as Lt. Grace billets (Bosch’s friend and immediate Supervisor)

Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch (Bosch’s daughter)

Lance Reddick as Deputy Chief Irvin (Bosch’s sometimes – ally with political pull)

Extra news regarding Bosch Season 6

Amazon’s Prime head, Albert Cheng, said that since people have liked the show so much, there wasn’t a hard time deciding on its renewal.

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