Leaked Recording Prove that “Amber Heard” HITTING “Jonny Depp” Physically??? Amber Heard found guilty??

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp abuse physically!!!

Amber Heard, 33, married Johnny Depp, 56, in 2015. The couple had many issues related to their marriage.  In 2016, a year after their marriage, Heard filed for divorce stating that she is a victim of domestic violence during the 18th month of their marriage attaching several pictures of herself with the injuries on her face, body, arms & images of their damaged furniture, rooms & broken glass made by Depp. Though their relationship had ended in 2017, their battle still continues.

The issue got offended later!!

Bitter feelings on Depp made her post an article about the victims of domestic violence and states that she was also one. However, she did not address Depp in any single instance; he seems to be offended.

Leaked Recording Prove that "Amber Heard" HITTING "Jonny Depp" Physically??? Amber Heard found guilty??

This incident made him file a suit against Heard for defaming him for which he lost his Prize role in The Pirates Of Caribbean. He also attached the necessary evidence – photos of his bruises, smoky eye, and scars.

In the document, he states that she punched, hit him on the face, and threw many heavy objects that lead to severe damages. Lately, an audiotape was leaked by Depp, which carries a conversation between the couple that took place in 2015.

The leaked tape states that both of them were subject to physical violence. In the audio, we could hear Heard accepting that she hit him & threw pots and pans on him, so did he.

According to the audio, neither of them wanted to abuse each other physically. Heard says that she can’t promise to be perfect!! She can’t promise to stop the physical abuse!! while Depp says that physical abuse cannot be tolerated by any of us and should give some time for everything.

Depp on being asked denies about the physical abuse made on Heard and says that he would deny this forever. And also states that she was the one who initially did.

Fans feel that Depp is the victim of physical abuse and wants justice.

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