Letter for the king Season 1 March 2020 Release Date Confirmed: Can it Compete with Money Heist Season 4

Letter for the king Season 1 releasing in March 2020

Netflix has given many series and movies to the people who are very entertaining and full of all genres. And it is back again with another series named “Letter for the King.” The genres of this series are a thrill, adventure, suspense, etc., which would be releasing on 20 March in Argentina, Norway, and the USA.

The cast members are Amir Wilson (Tiuri), Gijs Blom(Prince Viridian), Ruby Ashbourne(Lavinia), c), Thaddea Graham(Iona), Islam Bouakkaz(Arman), Jack Barton(Foldo), Jonah Lees(Jussipo), etc.

This story is a drama in which a young boy holds the fate of the kingdom in his hands and have to reach to the king to save everyone. Basically, the story is about a young knight named Tiuri who needs to save the kingdom from a bad prince who threatens to cast the world into darkness.

He, with his friends, travels a long way so as to reach the king to pass the secret message, but in the way, they have to face a lot of obstacles and problems.
The drama is full of suspense, thriller, adventure, etc.

Fans are excited to see this type of drama because it is one of its kind. It will be released in different languages and in different countries like Argentina, Greece, Spain, Italy, and the UK. They have done the shooting in New Zealand with beautiful locations making it more exciting for the viewers and fans.

I hope this series would be got the opportunity of making many seasons and enjoy the journey. And hope this drama would steal the hearts of the fans and viewers who are eagerly waiting for its release. Good luck to the team. The season must prove the quote to be true, i.e., “Journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step.”


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