‘Liam Hemsworth’ can SUCK IT!!! coz Cody Simpson Loves Miley Cyrus so much that he can ‘write 20 novels’

On Dec. 31, Cody Simpson took Instagram to post a black and white photograph showing him. Miley Cyrus being comfortable. Sharing his feelings for his lady love in the caption.

Cody Simpson, 22, would like to know how much Miley Cyrus loves him!

With a 27-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer and an intense video to go along with. The hunk posted a cute picture of himself posing. A shirtless Cody is standing next to Miley. Who leans back against him and sticks her tongue out, can be seen in the video.

We’re not sure if Cody is implying a future book publication, but we’re pretty sure he’d have plenty of funny stories to tell if he did!

Despite the fact that he and Miley have been plagued in the past by breakup speculation, the doting boyfriend seems to be as content as their strong relationship could be.

They were spotted having a fun dinner date on Dec. 26.'Liam Hemsworth' can SUCK IT!!! coz Cody Simpson Loves Miley Cyrus so much that he can 'write 20 novels'

Miley couldn’t help but share pictures of her Instagram stories from the outing. “Besties,” she said one photo, and “start dating your best friend Asap,” the other.

While writing books, Cody also seems to be interested in making music about and with Miley. Since their first date, they have been making music together.

Miley And Cody So Much In Common:

After coming together in October, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have been going strong — including potential musical collaboration.

Miley Cyrus, 27, did find her match in Cody Simpson, 22, in more than one way! The pair may be taking their chemistry right into the recording studio, who seem more in love than ever. They made music together, starting from their first date.

While the couple has been friends for years before they hook up romantically, they still have to perform together on a track — but now could be a good time with Cody working on a new album, and Miley is also planning to release her seventh song, She Is Miley Cyrus.

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