‘Lil Wayne’ DUMPED his Fiance “La’Tecia” after being FAT SHAMMED!!! & Trashed by Public

Rumors have been going on and off about rapper Lil Wayne and the Australian model La’Tecia’Tecia Thomas. Wayne rapped about her in his album Funeral, and it goes like this “Ooh, I got a plus-sized model. But she my Lil’ mama I make her bust it open for me like a piñata And as the world turns, she was my spin doctor”.

The lyrics do hint at the body-positive model who never fears to flaunt her curves and is comfortable in her own body. La’Tecia La’Tecia herself has more than a million followers on Instagram.

They were seen together in February 2020 in a red carpet party of Wayne’s for the release of his new album Funeral. La’Tecia La’Tecia was even seen sporting a diamond ring in many of her Instagram pictures, and fans were gushing about her rumored engagement. Though La’Tecia’Tecia has not yet revealed the name, it was not hard for fans to piece the two and two together.

Lil Wayne DUMPED his Fiance La'Tecia after being FAT SHAMMED!!! & Trashed by Public

La’Tecia’s’Tecia’s new pictures showing her to have lost some weight, and fans are speculating that it is for the upcoming wedding.

However, all is not well in Paradise as in the very recent pictures, and the model emphasized her bare hands with no engagement ring as well as they have unfollowed each other on Instagram. While previously, there were some cute hearts exchange in Insta, everything is now stone cold in their social media accounts.

It seems that the spark which was about to become a blaze had fizzled out too soon, and La’Tecia’Tecia has unfollowed everyone related to Wayne but his daughter Regina whom he had with her now-divorced wife, Toya Wright.

While Lil Wayne seemed to have a colorful dating history, this seems to be a first for La’Tecia’Tecia, at least publicly.

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